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What is a Anal Fistula?

A fistula or even an Anal Fistula is an abnormal tunnel or cavity available at the granulation tissue. This tract joins an initial opening inside the anus cavity to another subsidiary opening in the perianal skin. These subsidiary openings may be many in number and they can even be extended from a similar primary cavity. A fistula, according to expert surgeons, is generally a lining or a tunnel that starts from inside the anal cavity and continues somewhere in the skin outside it. It normally occurs due to an infection that does not get repaired or treated in the most appropriate way.

The doctors specializing in proctology surgery believe that several glands are located inside the anus that makes a secret fluid At times, they get obstructed or clogged due to any possible reason. When this blockage takes place, it causes the birth and growth of bacteria that infect the tissues and cause swelling in them. Medically, the doctors term it an abscess. They say that this abscess requires immediate medical attention, otherwise, it grows maliciously. Ultimately, it bursts out and creates a hole in the skin very close to the anal opening. This opening drains out the mess that forms inside the swollen glands and tissues.

Laser Treatment of Fistula Near Me
Laser Treatment For Fistula Near Me

Prominent Causes Of An Anal Fistula

Anal Fistula is caused due to many reasons and proper knowledge of them is necessary so that people can keep themselves safe from this painful and embarrassing ailment:

Clear symptoms of an Anal Fistula

On many occasions, people are not aware of the symptoms that patients often have. At times, suffering is a good indicator of the disease.

Diagnosis of Anal Fistula

Treatment of a disease is possible only after it is diagnosed properly. The laser treatment of Fistula is no exception. Anal fistula treatment is a must that every patient must undergo. The following diagnostic measures are taken care of while diagnosing the disease:

  • Physical examination using Proctoscope, MRI Fistulogram, and Fistulography
  • Contrast tests
  • Blue dye test
  • CT Scan
  • Anorectal ultrasound
  • Anorectal manometry
  • MRI
Laser Fistula Treatment Near Me


Treatment of Fistula Near Me

Laser Treatment Of Anal Fistula

Though multiple fistula treatments are available these days, laser treatment of fistula is the best one. The experts at Laser360Clinic in Delhi believe that modern laser-based anal fistula surgery is very effective. This line of laser fistula treatment is very effective. The experts also say that the patients must take early initiatives so that the patients get the most effective fistula treatment at the earliest so that they suffer less and get a permanent cure for the disease.

The laser treatment for fistula starts only after the surgeons locate the Anal Fistula Tunnel. They start the process by cleaning the track and removing the granulation or defective tissues for good. After this, the laser fistula surgery begins and in the beginning, they deliver the laser energy into the tract. This is the first step to closing the abnormal pathway that cures the disease permanently. The success of laser treatment of fistula lies in the fact that it works in the most scientific manner to get rid of the ailment. The laser rays destroy the epithelialized tissues and help the fistula tract collapse to a certain high degree. Undoubtedly, it eases and accelerates the process of healing in the end.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Fistula

As said, Laser Fistula Surgery brings multiple benefits and that is why the patients are showing more interest in this treatment. If you compare the benefits of laser treatment for fistula with those of the traditional medication and open surgeries, laser treatment cures the ailment for good that others cannot. The treatment is minimally invasive and that is why the patients face no trouble, in terms of pain and blood loss. The treatment is completely painless and it is free from bigger incisions and sutures. The Daycare facility is good for minimizing Laser Fistula Surgery cost further. The patients even take less time to get back to their normal lifestyle as the rehabilitation process allows them to start living normally after 24-48 hours of undergoing the treatment!

Cuts and Wounds No Yes
Bleeding due to Cuts and Stitches Very Less More Bleeding
Diet Restrictions No Yes
Success Rate High Low
Risk of Infection Very Less High
Rest after Surgery Can Resume Work 1-2 Months Rest
Recovery Fast Time Taking
Pain Painless Painfull
Recurrence No Yes


Fistula Surgery Near Me

The daycare facility reduces the laser fistula surgery cost that every patient can avail of rather seamlessly

Fistula Treatment Near Me

The laser treatment for fistula is minimally invasive and it does not cause any pain or blood loss. Talk openly.

Anal Fistula Surgery Near Me

The laser treatment of fistula is 100% safe. It causes no pain and blood loss. Talk to the laser surgeon now!

Laser Fistula Surgery Cost Near Me

The patients feel happy and safe as laser fistula surgery causes no loss of blood. The treatment is 100% safe.

Laser Treatment of Fistula Delhi

The process of fistula surgery causes no or minor incisions and that is why it causes no sutures. The troubles are less too.

Laser Treatment For Fistula Delhi

Since the treatment does not cause any sutures, therefore the patients are left with no scars on the body. It’s 100% safe!



Voice of Our Patients

FAQ for Fistula Surgery

What Do I feel during the procedure?

It’s very much like taking a little afternoon nap! Most patients say that what you will feel is just a small needle prick during the preparation for the treatment procedure. The whole anal fistula surgery takes about half an hour. minutes. Generally, the surgeons anesthetize only the lower half of the patients.

During laser surgery is the laser probe inserted within the fistula tract to burn it? How does this help?

Yes, the laser surgeons are very particular about inserting a probe in the fistula canal. The laser energy is applied in a circular manner to ablate it.

What happens after the operation?

Usually, laser surgeons allow the patients to start drinking water after a short while of getting the surgery. As far as taking food is concerned, the patients can take food immediately after they start feeling hungry. The surgeons can start walking slowly after a few hours of completing the surgical procedure. The patients can start living normally after 24-48 hours of undergoing the surgery.

Do I need to follow any specific diet before/after fistula surgery?

Not necessary! The surgeons allow the patients to take a light diet initially. They suggest a fiber-rich diet that they can get to strengthen their body. They can take the diet before and after the fistula surgery,

What can I do to promote successful healing?

The best laser surgeons suggest plenty of rest. They also suggest Sitz Bath at least 3 times a day. Additionally, they also advise them to maintain hygiene and take a diet that is rich in fiber.

In how many days can I start traveling after a fistula surgery?

Surgeons at Laser360Clinic allow the patients to travel after a week of getting You may start traveling after a week of fistula surgery.

Do I need to use a special (doughnut) pillow while sitting?

No, you do not need any special kind of pillow after laser surgery.

How long does it take for a fistula to heal?

Usually, it takes a maximum of 8 weeks for the anal fistula to heal completely. You should insist on taking adequate rest for the first 24 hours after laser surgery.

Now Laser Fistula Surgery has become much Convenient in Delhi!

A fistula or a fistula-in-and is an abnormal hollow tract or cavity that connects a primary opening inside the anal canal to a secondary opening in the perianal skin. Anal Fistula may be caused due to constipation or prolonged diarrhea. The symptoms of an Anal Fistula are painful bowel movement, recurring anal abscess, itching, or pus discharge.

A fistula is an abnormal condition that may require surgery. Laser360Clinic is the pioneer in Laser Fistula Surgery has achieved a very high rate of successfully treating fistula. With advanced healthcare technology and experienced doctors, we provide the best patient-oriented care. Our top-class hospital infrastructures with 24x7 medical facilities offer the best diagnosis & treatment to our patients.

Fistulotomy is a type of surgery that is performed for the treatment of fistula. Fistula surgery is required to treat an anal fistula as they do not heal by themselves. There are several different procedures. But the best option for you will be fistula surgery which has no chance of recurrence.

Rectal fistulas can cause pain and irritation with a foul-smelling discharge. Infected people may get blood and pus in their stools, and in some cases, may have difficulty controlling their bowel movements. Through fistulotomy surgery, doctors can treat this unpleasant condition.

The advantage of using a laser is that it is less invasive and causes minimal damage to the sphincter muscle, reducing the risk of incontinence after the procedure. However, the risk of the fistula recurring is higher than for some of the other treatments.

Laser360Clinic is the leading laser cosmetics clinic that traces the pathways of fistula by using advanced imaging technology. We provide the best care, diagnosis, and treatment to fistula patients. Our specialist surgeons are highly experienced in the treatment of different types of fistulae. They will talk to you first and understand the condition of your fistula through various tests, and then they will suggest surgery if needed.

About Fistula Surgery

Anal fistula surgery is a daycare procedure and is carried out under general anesthesia. The patient does not have to stay in the hospital and can go back home on the same day. Laser Fistula Surgery offers several advantages over conventional fistula surgery methods. Laser Fistula treatment does not involve cutting out the tract, making the procedure bloodless & painless.

Fistulotomy surgery aims to heal the fistula without damaging the sphincter muscles. A fistulotomy is the most effective treatment for anal fistulas. Being one of the best laser cosmetics clinics, Laser360Clinic provides safe, reliable, and effective treatment for anal fistula.

The surgeon cuts a small portion of the rectal sphincter muscle during the procedure and makes every effort to reduce the risk of incontinence. The process involves emitting laser fiber treatment by using a laser beam to seal the fistula. In cases where the risk of incontinence is considered too high, they recommend another procedure instead.

Laser treatment for fistula has gained increasing attention in the last decade. Its main aim is to treat high fistulas where more invasive treatments may impair anal continence. Without further delay, contact Laser360Clinic to get the best Laser Fistula Surgery near me in Delhi.

Is Laser Treatment Good for Treating Anal Fistula?

A fistula is a minor channel that can develop between the skin near the anus and the end of the bowel. It is quite common among those who have had experienced anal abscess. An abscess in the anal region refers to an infected cavity that is filled with pus. A fistula is formed when an anal abscess doesn’t drain out or heal properly. You may notice bleeding or discharge when passing stools, and bowel movements will be more painful. If fistula becomes severe, drainage might persist for a very long time.

Some of the symptoms of an anal fistula includes discharge of blood and pus from the anus, discomfort while sitting, redness and swelling in the anal area, and pain during bowel movements. If you experience these signs, you should immediately visit your doctor or come to Laser 360 Clinic. We are a laser clinic in NCR and work with a team of surgeons, doctors, laser experts and healthcare staff. You can trust us to recommend you the best treatment.

When it is about getting fistula treatment in Delhi, you will be given two choices – traditional open surgery and laser surgery. The reason why we think that laser surgery is good for you is because:

Additionally, once the laser surgery is complete, we will discharge you within a day or two. You can rest for a day or so and resume your work almost immediately. There’s no need to rest for a month or two as is the case with open surgery.

So, are you seeking the best fistula treatment in Delhi near me? Contact Laser 360 Clinic.

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