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What is a Piles Laser Treatment Procedure?

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are a very common problem, but because laser piles surgery terrifies them, few people talk about it, so they continue to suffer without even seeking laser treatment of piles.

Piles can cause a variety of signs and symptoms, such as itchiness or irritation in the anal region, pain or discomfort, swelling around the anus, bleeding, etc. Painless bleeding during bowel movements may result from straining when passing feces. Small amounts of bright red blood may be seen on your toilet tissue or in the bowl. In addition, straining might result in a prolapsed or protruding hemorrhoid, which hurts and irritates the anal hole.

Your rectum and anus' lowest point has veins that are enlarged. They develop when the blood vessel walls sag and get inflamed, causing the veins to enlarge and protrude. Internal hemorrhoids are typically invisible because they are located deep in the rectum. Only bleeding can reveal its presence of them to a person. Under the skin, near the anus, there exist external hemorrhoids. The many nerves in this region cause external hemorrhoids to often ache.

Best Treatment for Piles
Hemorrhoids and piles can be broadly divided into four grades.
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About 50–85% of people on the planet live in piles. More particularly, around 75% of Indians are affected by piles. The majority of the time, a person with piles chooses to suffer in silence rather than discussing it and seeking appropriate laser treatment for piles. We think it is a pastime for people to be informed about this terrible but treatable illness.

Best Piles Laser Treatment


Know About Laser Treatment for Piles from Best Piles Clinic

A brand-new laser treatment for piles called the Hemorrhoid Laser Procedure (LHP) uses laser coagulation to block the hemorrhoidal artery flow that supplies the hemorrhoidal plexus. Compared to traditional surgical procedures, the ‘piles clinic near me’ offers you a better patient outcome, notably in terms of pain and recuperation, for hemorrhoids of the second, third, and fourth degrees.

Hemorrhoids can be accessed by passing through a tiny perianal opening. This method leaves neither the anoderm nor the mucosa with any wounds. As a result, the patient has reduced postoperative discomfort and can resume normal activities more quickly after the laser piles surgery.

The controlled laser light delivery completely destroys the hemorrhoids from the inside while maintaining a very high level of mucosa and sphincter structures under the right local or general anesthesia (Tissue reduction in the hemorrhoids).

The hemorrhoidal mass contracts as a result of the sub mucosal application of regulated laser treatment for piles. New connective tissue is also produced through fibrotic repair, ensuring that the mucosa remains attached to the underlying tissue. This also stops a prolapse from occurring or happening again. There is no stenosis risk related to LHP. Because there are no incisions/cuts or stitches, unlike with traditional procedures, the healing/result is good.

Benefits of Laser Piles Treatment

Compared to traditional piles surgery, laser piles treatment has a number of benefits. Because there are no significant wounds made during the laser piles treatment, it is both BLOODLESS and PAINLESS. The operation is MINIMALLY INVASIVE and involves inserting a laser fiber inside the hemorrhoidal mass. The laser treatment can be completed as a DAY CARE PROCEDURE because it takes 30 to 40 minutes. The treatment leaves only a small amount of scarring and may be referred to as SCARLESS because it doesn't require suturing subsequently because there is only one point of entry for the fiber in the laser treatment of piles.

Cuts and Wounds No Yes
Bleeding due to Cuts and Stitches Very Less More Bleeding
Diet Restrictions No Yes
Success Rate High Low
Risk of Infection Very Less High
Rest after Surgery Can Resume Work 1-2 Months Rest
Recovery Fast Time Taking
Pain Painless Painfull
Recurrence No Yes


Best Laser Surgery for Piles

Laser Piles Surgery lasts 15-20 minutes only and may be easily planned as a Day Care Procedure.

Best Piles Laser Treatment Cost

Piles Surgery involves a bare laser fiber making a small incision. There are no big cuts or wounds to heal afterwards making the procedure painless.


Piles Surgery is carried out through a minute hole in range of around 400-600 μm making the procedure completely minimally invasive.

Best Piles Treatment By Laser

Laser Piles Surgery does not involve any big cuts due to use of laser fiber and is practically bloodless.

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As the size of laser fiber incision is very small, Laser Piles Surgery does not require any sutures afterwards.

Piles Laser Treatment Cost Near Me

As there are no big cuts, or wounds, and not even sutures, Laser Piles Surgery is completely scarless and leaves aesthetically pleasing results.



Voice of Our Patients About Piles Laser Surgery

Some FAQs Related to Laser Piles Treatment


Patients can leave the hospital the same day after the laser piles surgery, which just takes a few minutes. There are no wounds, dressings, sutures, or cuts. Little bleeding or pain is present. Within four hours of the treatment, they can resume a regular diet, and 24 to 48 hours later, they can return to their regular jobs. There are no limitations and no further doctor appointments.


There are four classes of piles, each based on the severity of the condition. Ayurvedic medicine, physical therapy, and medication are all effective ways to treat piles in their early stages. Surgery is advised, nevertheless, if the illness worsens. For hemorrhoids or piles, laser piles surgery is both painless and bloodless. Additionally, after surgery, the recurrence rate is very low.


When you feel comfortable, you can resume your regular sexual and physical activities. Avoid anal sex at all costs. Typically, you can go back to work five days after laser surgery for piles, though this also depends on the kind of job you have.


Since there are no incisions or sutures, surgery with a laser is painless. By using painkillers, post-operative pain is fairly treatable.


30 minutes or so. During the procedure, a local or general anesthetic is administered. It is a day surgery, and the patient can resume their regular work schedule the day after the piles treatment by laser.


Usually, a visual examination of the anus and medical history is sufficient. To confirm the diagnosis, though, a digital examination and proctoscopy(during which a scope is inserted to inspect the anal canal) are performed. When a different source of bleeding needs to be tested out, your doctor may occasionally recommend a barium study or colonoscopy before the piles laser treatment.


Increased pressure on blood arteries close to the anus causes piles. Chronic constipation is the primary cause of piles. Long periods of sitting, obesity, being pregnant, and moving large objects are additional reasons.

Factors on Which Cost of the Laser Piles Treatment can be Decided

When you think and talk about piles, it can be embarrassing for you. But if you are suffering from such conditions, then you must go for the treatment of piles.

While there are numerous home remedies, one should take the option of laser piles treatment in the clinic, which is necessary to cure the disease. It is necessary to understand the treatment procedure along with taking care of the laser piles treatment cost at the same time.

The cost of the treatment is dependent on various factors like diagnosis, analysis of the situation, and finally the surgical procedures. While other surgical procedures may cost a little high, the laser procedure is very affordable.

Now, let’s look at the factors, on which the laser piles treatment cost depends to some extent:


If you look at piles, you will find that various types of piles develop in the human body. While internal hemorrhoids are not seen, external piles are visible.

There should be an examination of the anal canal and rectum, which is very necessary. It is seen that the diagnostic cost for various types of piles can vary as well. There are two types of examination, which are done by the doctors.

Physical Examination

There is a good laser clinic in NCR, which does the physical examination of piles. The doctor before inserting the finger into the rectum wears gloves and lubricates the fingers. They need to check the swollen part of the rectum or any unnatural growth. While most of the examination can be done visually, the doctors can give the final verdict only after the physical examination is done.

Visual inspection

The doctors can do a digital examination since piles sometimes are too soft to touch. The doctors mainly use the proctoscope, sigmoidoscope, and an anoscope, while examining the piles. The doctor will often use colonoscopy so that they can check your entire colon. If you have persistent symptoms of piles, then you can develop colon cancer.

Laser treatment For Piles

If you are looking for laser treatment of piles, then you need to look for a top laser clinic in NCR, where the treatment is available at the best. The clinic, usually, has well-equipped chambers where the surgeons do the needful to get you the ultimate benefits that you actually look for. The laser surgeons and their support staff try their best to minimize the side effects so that you get the right treatment to overcome the painful experiences for good.

Salient Features of the Laser Treatment for Piles:

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So don’t waste your time and avail yourself of the laser treatment for piles, if you are suffering from such conditions. Getting in touch with Laser360Clinic, the best laser clinic near me in NCR becomes a clear choice!

Laser Piles Surgery – Post Operative Do’s and Don’ts

Are you considering laser surgery as piles treatment in Delhi? If so, here’s what you should know – laser piles treatment is a popular and extremely safe procedure that provides myriad advantages over conventional surgery. At Laser 360 Clinic, we perform laser treatment for piles as a daycare procedure and it lasts for only about forty minutes. The procedure promises speedy and quick recovery. Compared to traditional surgical treatments, laser treats piles effectively and offers quick relief. Since laser surgery doesn’t involve cuts or stitches, there is very minimal or no post operative pain. Similar benefits can also be seen for patients with varicose veins and anal fistula.

If you are planning to undergo laser piles treatment in Delhi, India or have already got the procedure done, it is good to know the do’s and don’ts of post operative care. This will ensure that you can recover speedily.

Do’s after Undergoing Laser Procedure for Piles

Don’ts after Undergoing Laser Procedure for Piles

Piles is a painful condition and we understand that. As a laser clinic in NCR, we don’t want you to suffer in silence. You can come to Laser 360 Clinic and avail our simple, yet effective laser piles treatment. With this treatment, we will only make a small hole through which the laser will pass and break down the hemorrhoids. It only takes us about 30 to 40 minutes to complete the entire procedure. You will be under anesthesia the entire time.

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