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During male circumcision, the redundant foreskin is removed and the glans is exposed. Common indications for male circumcision are:
• Phimosis – a condition where the foreskin is not easily retracted (pulled back) from around the tip of the penis.
• Paraphimosis – This occurs when the foreskin can be retracted, but cannot be moved back into its normal position. This may require emergency medical attention.
• Balanitis –An inflammation of the glans penis is a common condition affecting an estimated 3-11% of all men at any age.
• Penile yeast infections – The area under the penile foreskin may get repeated fungal infections.
• UTI – Repeated infections of the urinary system due to abnormal urinary tracts or unhygienic conditions.
• Trauma – Isolated injuries to the foreskin such as Zipper injuries and foreskin tearing may require a circumcision to prevent scarring and adhesion formation.
• Prevention of sexually transmitted infections and penile cancer are also reasons for considering circumcision in men.

The circumcision stapler is a single-use device. The disposable circumcision stapler is a sterile, hand-held, manual surgical instrument preloaded with non-bioabsorbable skin staples intended to be used to perform a circumcision. It is designed to cut the foreskin and apply a circular row(s) of staples proximal to the cut line. The stapler portion typically consists of a dome intended to be inserted under the foreskin over the glans penis and a circular cutting stapler mechanism with a manual lever intended to connect over the outside of the foreskin.

The usual procedural steps of stapler circumcision involve the following :-
• Anaesthesia –Circumcision is done either under local, regional or general anesthesia depending on the age and medical fitness of the male.
• Surgery Duration – The surgery duration is 30 minutes. The surgery is performed in daycare. The patient can go home same day.
• Surgery stitches – No stitches are used.

WHY Stapler Circumcision:
• Highly Safe & Accurate
• Cut, Blend Automatically
• Few Steps in Few Minutes
• Local Anesthesia for All Ages
• Ideal For All Age Groups
• No Suturing, No Bleeding, No Pain
• Rapid Recovery
• Cosmetic Results

Advantages & Benefits:-
• Worth just 15 minutes of your time.
• Aesthetic looks
• Effective Results
• No bed rest required
• Painless
• Stitchless
• Harmless
• Bloodless Procedure
• Zero complications
• Can be done for any age group.
• Complete healing in 7 to 15 days

The patient can come alone and have this procedure in complete confidentiality.
Thus, stapler circumcision is reported to be associated with fewer complications than conventional or Shang Ring circumcision, especially with respect to severe oedema and wound dehiscence. These advantages of stapler circumcision may be due to the short operative time, minimal tissue injury and lack of electrocautery. It is associated with a shorter operative time, lower blood loss volume, and fewer postoperative complications than other methods of circumcision. Stapler circumcision is an easy and patient friendly device for performing male circumcision.

Stitchless Circumcision in just 5 easy steps:

1. PAINLESS : It will be performed under local anaesthesia
2. QUICKER: The finest technology is used to finish the procedure on time
3. EFFECTIVE: Circumcision will be done in just a single sitting
4. CHEAPER: No need for follow-ups
5. ADVANCED: You can go to work or take a holiday without any bed rest

The circumcision surgery can be performed in 25 minutes while the patient is under local anaesthesia. After surgery, the patient will be under observation for 3 hours; and after that, the patient can walk home. The circumcision method can be completed in 15 minutes, hence faster than the surgical procedure. After a brief 15 minutes of recovery and follow up, the patient can go home.

Laboratory tests are required only for surgical circumcision. Circumcision doesn’t require any laboratory tests. A Doctor’s Consultation is mandatory before the surgical procedure. The consultation can coincide with your circumcision appointment, which in all may take about 30 minutes.

No. Circumcision can be performed on a person from infants to older adults. It can be performed easily by the Stapler. Under 18 years of age, the patients require a guardian’s consent.

We assure you that you will be able to walk home after recovery and follow up with only slight discomfort, which will subside quickly. For the first week after surgery, we suggest that you keep your physical activities to a moderate level, including the amount of exercise and sexual intercourse. You can resume all physical activities after four to six weeks.

Below instructions should be strictly followed for Sexual intercourse after Circumcision Surgery:

After surgery, strictly abstain from sexual intercourse for six weeks or forty-five days. After six weeks – sexual intercourse may be performed with the use of a condom for protecting the healing wound from infection. A condom is a must for every sexual intercourse that happens in the first month after surgery for complete healing. After one month, you can resume having sex without a condom.

Yes. You will be awake. Under the effect of the local anaesthesia, the numbness will make it a painless procedure.

Usually, one day’s rest after surgical circumcision is adequate. After circumcision, rest is not mandatory.

No. It will not affect. It will improve urination, as the procedure is performed on the banalities of phimosis.

“High and tight” refers to the looks of the penis after circumcision. “High” means the circumcision line is closer to the body. “Tight” means there is no loose skin even when the penis is limp. “High and tight” is the most common desired look by most patients. That is provided under cosmetic circumcision.

No. A lot of patients have not reported any change in sexual sensitivity after the procedure. Some websites report an increase or decrease in sensitivity in the head of the penis, but again, we haven’t received any such complaints.

For the first few days after surgery, there is a likelihood to feel some discomfort or minor pain while you have an erection. It is normal to feel some discomfort, but there won’t be any bleeding. You will be given pain killers after the procedure to alleviate pain. As recommended, you must take medicines before going to bed, in case you have an erection while you are asleep.

No. You don’t need to stay overnight and may travel or drive home the same day.

Yes. We can change the appearance or tightness of the penis through cosmetic circumcision. We can also help cover surgery marks from a previous circumcision, and this procedure is called revision circumcision.

A “circumcision revision” is a change to the appearance of the original circumcision. There can be scars or even skin tags, but by circumcision revision, one can correct many of the associated problems and help attain the desired appearance.