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Causes and Treatment of Anal Fissure

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An anal fissure is a very small cut in the lining of the anus. The tear might be small, but it can cause excruciating pain when you’re trying to pass bowels. It can even be accompanied by itching and a foul-smelling discharge. Although the condition isn’t life-threatening, it can seriously hamper the overall quality of your life.

Here, take a look at the causes of a fissure.

A fissure is typically caused when the anal canal is stretched more than its capacity. This leads to a tear, which causes a fissure. Your anal canal might be stretched beyond limit due to the following reasons:

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Unhealthy anal intercourse
  • Constipation
  • Passing unusually large stools during bowel movements
  • The opening of the anus getting overstretched at the time of childbirth

In extremely rare cases, an anal fissure might be caused due to inflammatory bowel disease, HIV AIDS, anal cancer or syphilis.

If you notice itching, painful motion, bloody stool or feel a cut or tear in the skin of your anus, you need to seek medical attention. The best way to treat an anal fissure is fissure surgery by laser. At Laser 360 Clinic, we work with highly qualified doctors and laser experts who will relieve you of your pain immediately. Let us tell you a bit about fissure laser surgery.

LIS or lateral internal sphincterotomy is the procedure that treats fissure. When this procedure is performed conventionally, it involves a lot of stretching or cutting the muscles around the anus. It not only sounds dreadful, but this method is also very painful. But, we don’t perform conventional LIS. In our laser clinic in NCR, this procedure is performed through laser. The procedure is minimally invasive and doesn’t involve any big cuts. It is also a bloodless procedure. The benefits of laser fissure treatment are:

  • The laser surgery lasts for only about thirty minutes
  • We perform the treatment as a day care procedure and you’ll be discharged in less than 48 hours after your surgery
  • Laser treatment does not involve big cuts and it is minimally invasive. This makes the procedure bloodless and also painless.
  • This is the permanent solution for fissure
  • You can experience instant relief

Laser fissure treatment is completely safe and it doesn’t cause any damage to the organs or skin of the patients. You just have to follow all the instructions and advice given by our laser experts so that you don’t even need to visit us again after the surgery.

So, if you’ve been looking for the best fissure surgery by laser near me, go ahead and schedule a consultation appointment with Laser 360 Clinic. Our exceptionally experienced laser specialists and doctors will take good care of you.

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