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Our Commitment on World Nature Conservation Day?

laser treatment in Delhi

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”― Bapu What did you make out from this statement of the Father of The Nation? It is, actually, the truth that Mahatma Gandhi wanted everyone, not only in India but people from all over the world also to understand what Nature is […]

Staying Well-Informed is the Key to Keep Safe From Hepatitis

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According to an English saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ keeping healthy and fit becomes easy if you are aware of a particular disease. Actually, people commit mistakes and fall ill when they are not aware of the basic information about the diseases. If you wish to keep a safe distance from all the diseases […]

India’s National Plastic Surgery Day Now Becomes World Plastic Surgery Day

Plastic Surgery

In a major development, the National Plastic Surgery Day of India gets global acceptance. It will be now celebrated as World Plastic Surgery Day every year on July 15. The same has been declared by the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) on Tuesday, the 13th Day of July 2021. APSI had been trying […]

Do We Need To Rethink And Revise Our Priorities on World Population Day?

World Population Day

You would not be surprised if one says that the green planet in danger today. If you look at the happenings across the world, then you would affirm that statement. Your acceptance can be without any hesitation a all. The irony lies in the fact that humans, the wisest animals on this planet, have created […]

Laser Treatment for Fistula-Everything You Should Know About It

laser treatment for fistula in india

Like Piles and Fissures, Fistula is also a critical ailment that causes a terrible amount of physical complication, especially bleeding and unbearable pain. Though types of treatments are available at the hospitals, none of them have been found 100% dependable. However, the success of laser technology has made laser treatment for fistula somehow reliable. The […]

The Aim of International Day of Cooperatives in 2021

international cooperative day

Co-operatives are acknowledged as enterprises and associations. These are usually dedicated associations that people can resourcefully recover their lives when they contribute to the financial, social, edifying, and radical progress of their community and nation. The co-operative movement is also identified as a dissimilar and main participant in both national and international matters. Co-operatives also […]

How Laser Piles Treatment is a Better Way Cure Piles amid COVID Threats?

Laser Treatment For Piles

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 Coronavirus is still showing its devastating impact on human lifestyle all over the world. The menace started in January 2020, and the impact is still continuing. Though a few vaccines are being administered on the recommendation of World Health Organization (WHO), the best impact is still awaited. In such a […]

National Doctor’s Day Responsibilities Of A Doctor Towards His Patients

National Doctor’s Day

People, in general, have a great sense of respect for doctors. In many cases, they even call them next to the God, the Almighty, as they have the capability to save the life of the patients who reach them depending on their trust in the doctors. They even do not hesitate to undergo complicated surgeries […]

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