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World No Tobacco Day-A Message from Laser 360 Clinic

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Amid many irregularities, awareness for keeping healthy and safe is increasing globally. This awareness has grown stringent in the last 15 months when the world has been hit severely by the Covid-19 Pandemic. While the world celebrates World No Tobacco Day today, let’s find out some of the basic information about the significance of this […]

COVID-19 Vaccination Process-Things You Should Know

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Right from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the infection rate, as well as the death rate, was high. In the opinion of the doctors, scientists, and prominent virologists, the disease was unique and the world had no treatment for that. Though the doctors continued the treatment keeping track with the major symptoms that the […]

Coronavirus – Has it Permanently Changed the World As We Know It?

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COVID-19 has been the hottest topic that people all over the world are talking about. Indeed, the topic is seriously hot as it is all set to leave some long-term or even permanent impact on this planet and its inhabitants. Though the earth has numerous living organisms, the COVID-19 is going to impact the lives […]

Wearing A Face Mask – Do’s And Don’ts

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The fight against COVID-19 Pandemic is on and the whole world is contributing to the fight. Actually, it is a fight against a virus that you cannot see at all. The risk factors of getting infected increase a thousand times just because you never know if you have got infected or not until you start […]

FAQs On COVID-19 Vaccination – All You Need to Know!

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COVID-19 has created havoc all around the world. It has caused massive destruction and the loss of human lives is impossible to recover. The pandemic started by the end of 2019, and it spread all over the world so fast that the impact was seen all over the world by March 2020. More than 130 […]

The Most Effective Ways To Keep COVID-19 Infections Away!

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Started in February-March in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has been sending chills down people’s spines worldwide. The world has been hit by a massive disease that has no known cure right now. That fact makes the disease even more dangerous to fight against. Amid endless uncertainties, the doctors, scientists, and virologists in India and abroad […]

Everything You Should Know About COVID-19 Pandemic

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Everyone on this earth is talking about one common thing right now and that is certainly SARS COVID-19. If they are doing so, then they are not wrong as the pandemic caused by this virus has caused havoc all across the planet. It has hardly spared a single country till now. To date, more than […]

How Dependable is Laser Treatment For Pilonidal Sinus?

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Humans suffer from multiple diseases and that makes them look for the right treatment as well. The main reason for searching for the best treatment is very obvious. People try various treatment procedures so that they can get rid of the disease as early as possible. On many occasions, people change doctors if one doctor […]

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