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Common Questions Regarding Anal Fissure Surgery by Laser

fissure surgery by laser

Fissures and piles are often confused. This is why Laser 360 Clinic decided to help you walk you through the common questions that we get when people come to us, seeking laser treatment in Delhi for anal fissures.

What are Anal Fissures?

Fissures refer to linear tears caused to the anus’ lining. The tear might be due to injury or trauma, which has resulted in stretching the mucosa of your anal canal. Have you seen a paper cut? Fissures resemble a lot like that.

Anal fissures are typical of two types:

  • Acute anal fissures that have a sudden onset and do not last more than 6 weeks. These usually heal on their own.
  • Chronic anal fissures that last more than 6 weeks. These don’t heal on their own and you need medicines or even surgery.

What is the Best Treatment for Anal Fissure?

LIS or Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy is a treatment procedure that Laser 360 Clinic highly recommends to patients. For this, we perform fissure surgery by laser. We cut or stretch the muscles surrounding the anal region. As we perform it through laser, we make sure that our patients do not feel the pain that was usual in the traditionally performed LIS.

How Long does Laser Fissure Surgery take?

The surgery takes about 30 minutes. We perform this surgery as a daycare procedure.

When will I be Discharged?

Once the surgery is complete, we discharge patients within 24 hours to 48 hours. It depends on the patients’ ability to bounce back from anesthesia-induced unconsciousness.

Will there be Any Big Cuts or Wounds Involved?

As we have said before, we perform laser LIS and unlike the conventional LIS surgery, laser surgery ensures that there are no major wounds or cuts. You will hardly experience any kind of pain as this procedure is minimally invasive. You will not even lose blood since we will not be making any major incisions on your body.

Can I Expect Instant Relief from Fissure Surgery by Laser?

Yes, you can. From the moment you walk into 30 minutes of the surgery – that’s all the pain that you will be experiencing. As you wake up after the surgery, the pain will disappear and you can get back to leading a normal life. As there are no cuts and wounds, you don’t have to stay home for a long time to heal from this surgery. Just take it easy and continue doing your normal chores.

At Laser 360 Clinic, we have laser surgeons who are highly trained and experienced. We focus on providing laser surgery for anal fissures, piles, fistula, and pilonidal sinus because we want people to stop suffering in silence. Our laser surgery treatment is painless. Also, it is completely safe and will not damage any of your organs or even your skin. You don’t have to be scared about scars anymore.

So, give us a call if you are suffering from an anal fissure. Let us show you how painless surgery is performed!

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