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Expectations from Laser 360 Clinic for Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Delhi

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment In Delhi

Pilonidal sinus is one of the most painful diseases that a human body can suffer from. Medically, it is a small tunnel or hole in the skin just above the buttock and very close to the tailbone. The sinus tunnel goes in a perpendicular direction between your buttocks. A pilonidal cyst, as the term is also known as, usually contains hair, dirt, and waste products. It can cause severe pain. The same can often become infected and can get filled with pus if you leave it untreated.

Most importantly, you must be careful here as a pilonidal sinus can remain unobserved unless it becomes infected. As per the available data and information, the Pilonidal sinus is more common in men because they tend to have more hair on their body, especially in the affected region of the body be hairier. Teenagers and young adults are the most common victims of the Pilonidal Sinus.


The experts at Laser 360 Clinic often consider the following reasons for this disease:

  • Putting on tight clothes that often cause heavy sweating
  • Frequent hormonal changes in the body
  • Hair puncture
  • Sitting at a place or posture for long durations
  • Excess and dry hair growth on the body

Though the doctors claim to have multiple ways of treating the disease, the laser pilonidal sinus treatment in Delhi seems to be the most effective one as it brings complete respite from the painful experience that the disease usually brings to the patients. However, laser treatment for pilonidal sinus has proved to be very effective indeed. Being the best place for laser treatment in Delhi, Laser 360 Clinic guarantees some outstanding facilities that you may always have in your expectations.

Have a look:

  • The pilonidal sinus treatment in Delhi is at its best. The clinic has a well-equipped clinic that can provide 100% guaranteed treatment to the patients. With sharp laser beams, the surgery takes a period of 40 minutes.
  • The treatment is 100% painless that makes every patient feel good and comfortable during the entire procedure of treatment.
  • The clinic has a team of extraordinary laser surgeons that put their best efforts to bring you the right advantages. They can set you free from the painful disease for good!
  • The whole treatment procedure does not cause heavy blood loss. The experts take care of the safety measures towards minimizing blood loss.
  • The recovery time is also amazing if you compare this with open surgeries. You can get back to your normal lifestyle in 24-48 hours only whereas open surgeries take 3-4 months to heal!
  • The cost of treatment is very much manageable. The facility of daycare reduces the cost of the best pilonidal sinus treatment in Delhi to a greater extent.
  • This line of treatment does not impose any strict diet plan. It is another big advantage that you can get while availing of the treatment at Laser 360 Clinic.

So, you see the benefits of reaching the best place in Delhi for the treatment of painful pilonidal sinus. The team of experts is very much capable of treating you without causing you additional issues.

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