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Having piles? Food to Avoid in Piles Right Now

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You must be aware of the dreadful disease known as piles. This disease is terrifying most individuals in the present era. Do you know about the food to avoid in piles?

At the time of piles, foods play an important role as this disease is fully related to your digestive system.

Patients with piles should take care of their diet as the food consumed is responsible for the pain that happens at the time of bowel movements.

Today, we will learn about the problematic foods that need to be avoided while dealing with hemorrhoids.

5 Foods to Avoid with hemorrhoids

The painful disease of hemorrhoids needs a perfect diet to keep the patient away from pain and bleeding issues.

So let us understand the best 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids.

Dairy products

Constipation is more prone if the piles patient is consuming many dairy Products.

Dairy products mostly contain cow’s milk. The protein present in cow’s milk is responsible for Constipation which results in painful bowel movements.

Consuming soy milk is much better than cow milk at the time of hemorrhoids.

Avoiding Constipation is the most important at the time of hemorrhoids. So, avoiding dairy products is the best to be done during the disease.

Gluten Rich Food

Gluten is a protein mostly found in grains like barley and wheat. This protein is quite dangerous at the time of piles.

Gluten can cause Constipation as well as it can result in autoimmune disease. The skin damaged the digestive system and can increase the problem of Constipation.

so avoiding gluten-rich food can heal your piles and add a faster pace.

Fried Food

Fried food and fast foods are mostly prepared with flour(Maida).

Flour Is heavy to digest and leads to the issue of Constipation which is quite problematic during piles. These foods are also high in fats and low in fiber.

Reducing the consumption of fried food is beneficial for patients with hemorrhoids.

Red meat

Red meat is an adult food that is responsible for causing constipation.

Red meat causes difficulty in digesting due to the minimal content of fiber present in them. So, patience with piles is recommended to stay away from this food during the disease.


Dehydration creates the problem of Constipation. alcohol is responsible for creating dehydration in the body.

So, a pious patient should stay away from liquor and other alcohol-related products. this helps them to avoid Constipation issues and have a normal bowel movement without pain.

It is important to have a liquid diet for hemorrhoids patient. but alcohol is not included in the liquid diet.

Are peanuts good for piles?

Most individuals love to eat peanuts. During hemorrhoids, the first question that arises in mind are peanuts good for piles or not.

Yes, peanuts are good for piles as they have strong anti-inflammatory properties that help in minimalizing the problem of tissue swelling in the area.

Peanuts also have higher fiber content that is good for the digestive system. So, peanuts are safe to eat during hemorrhoids.

Is yogurt good for hemorrhoids?

Yogurt is another taste booster admired by many individuals. During laser piles treatment of yogurt, it’s quite safe to be used as it helps in reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Consuming yogurt during piles helps in the healing process at a faster rate and prevents the disease from recurrence.

Is egg good for piles?

The egg is the best source of getting rid of stomach-related issues. Eating eggs during hemorrhoids is not an issue as it contains a lot of protein and fat.

The patients are benefited by eating eggs during hemorrhoids getting rid of Constipation issues and having a smoother bowel movement.

Is chicken good for hemorrhoids?

This patient should avoid eating chicken during piles. The palatable taste of chicken liked by many individuals creates a high risk of cholesterol and cross-contamination.

It becomes difficult to digest and results in irritation and pain while passing stool. So consuming chicken during hemorrhoids should be avoided.

What are the high-fiber foods for piles?

High fiber foods include wheat bran, apples, prune, barley, corn, peas, lentils, and so on.

These foods are rich in fiber and work positively on the digestive system.

So, these foods should be consumed by patients with hemorrhoids.


Ques -1. What foods make piles worse?

Ans- The foods that make pile worse are unprocessed, alcohol, dairy products, gluten-rich foods, red meat, and so on.

Ques-2. Is banana good in piles?

Ans- Banana is the best food to accompany your diet to calm the symptoms of piles. the perfect content of fiber in bananas helps in creating a better digestive system and getting rid of Constipation issues during piles.

Ques-3. What food removes piles?

Ans- The fiber-rich foods like shredded wheat, lentils plum, apples, corn, banana, and so on are the best during piles. these foods help in removing piles and helping in healing the pain at a faster pace.

Ques-4. Which fruits can be eaten in piles?

Ans-The best fruits that can be eaten in piles are apples, pears, Berries, pomegranates, give papaya, banana, BlackBerry, raspberries, and so on.

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