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Laser Piles Treatment is Possible for All Grades of Hemorrhoids

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A painful, discomforting, and pathetic condition is piles or hemorrhoids. With the advancement of technology, the pile’s laser treatment has satisfied various patients through several means.

Laser technology is perfect for making patients healthy by curing painful conditions. The swollen veins in the rectum or anal area cause a high level of discomfort to the patients and make them bleed all day.

But with the perfect laser therapy, patients are shifting towards them and attaining higher satisfaction.

Most individuals remain in a fix to consult a doctor; due to embarrassment and shyness about the proctology-related disease. But that’s not a good thing. One must consult a doctor immediately after facing the primary symptoms of the disease.

Do you know piles have four grades or stages, and the last one can be severe; to avoid worsening the situation, a doctor’s advice is necessary.

So, let’s continue reading and checking the grades of piles and the process of laser treatment for piles.

At What Stage are your Hemorrhoids?

There are four stages of the condition of hemorrhoids affecting the health of numerous patients; let’s check for the same below,

Grade 1. The first grade represents internal hemorrhoids that never prolapse out of the anus. Proctologists suggest using a high-fiber diet during this stage, and some home remedies like sitz baths with Epsom salt and some over-the-counter treatments for piles can work well.

Grade 2. Another type of internal hemorrhoids or piles prolapse but go back without complications. The traditional procedures don’t work the best, as repeated surgery is required after some time.

Laser surgery is the perfect option to eradicate the problem from the roots.

Grade 3. During straining at the time of bowel movements, the hemorrhoids protrude and need to be pushed back on their own.

Grade 3 is the arrival of the problem and the need for the laser treatment.

Grade 4. Grade 4 is the critical position that makes hemorrhoids remain outside. Both grades 3 and 4 are severe cases of piles and require an effective professional to deal with the issue.Laser surgery is an effective and minimally invasive process that will help eradicate the issue from the roots.

So, laser treatment must be available during the critical stages of hemorrhoids. The process is quite comfortable for the patients. It includes the perfect painless regime helping to overcome the issue.

The use of laser beams has made millions of patients feel healed. Delivering a laser beam on the tissues of hemorrhoids makes it perfect for the patient. The heat shrinks the tissues and lets them tissues fall off, making the piles heal.


Piles or hemorrhoids can be treated with the best laser treatments effectively. So, if you are facing any of the above issues, connect with laser360clinic, and have a perfect remedy.

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