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Limitations Involved in Conventional Fistula Surgery

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An increase in technology has superbly upgraded the medical world. Laser surgery for the fistula has been a remarkable achievement that has unlocked all the doors of painful and discomforting diseases.

Do you know about the limitations or drawbacks of using conventional treatments? What are the problems of traditional methods that have shifted patients towards laser surgery?

If not, then we are here to provide you with accurate details. Read the entire write-up carefully, and understand the ethical issues that hamper conventional treatments’ effectiveness.

The Issues Involved in Traditional Treatments of Fistula Surgery

Conventional fistula surgery is also known as fistulotomy and has been a standard procedure for years.

Many patients find it compelling, but the method has various complications. So, let’s talk about that and gain some understanding.

  • Recurrence

The danger of recurrence is one of the primary drawbacks of traditional fistula surgery. Removing all afflicted tissue from fistulas can be challenging because they can be intricate and contain many tracts. After the original operation, the fistula could occasionally recur, necessitating extra care.

  • Incontinence

Fecal incontinence could result during standard surgery, depending on the location and complexity of the fistula. Damage to the anal sphincter muscles during the treatment could make it difficult to control bowel motions.

  • Pain

Fistulotomy or fistulectomy procedures can be painful, and patients may require pain medication during recovery. Some individuals may also experience chronic pain or discomfort after healing the wound.

  • Recovery Time

After traditional fistula surgery, there may be a lengthy recovery period. Patients can experience discomfort, agony, and trouble performing daily tasks like sitting, walking, or squatting while the incision is healing.

  • Costly

The fistulotomy is more costly than laser treatments for the fistula. Due to various surgical equipment, a lengthy procedure, and a time-consuming process, the treatment becomes costlier for the patients.

  • General Anesthesia

Most conventional fistula surgeries require general anesthesia, which carries risks and considerations, especially for individuals with certain medical conditions.

  • Complexity of Fistula

Conventional surgery may not be suitable for complex or high-level fistulas. In such cases, alternative approaches, such as advanced imaging techniques, endoanal ultrasound, or MRI, may be necessary to accurately assess the fistula’s anatomy and plan the appropriate treatment strategy.

  • Formation of Scar Tissues

Conventional fistula surgery involves cutting and removing tissue, which can lead to scar tissue formation. This scar tissue may cause future complications, such as the narrowing of the anal canal leading to difficulties with bowel movements.


The traditional methods have significant disadvantages that can be painful and discomforting for the patient. For the best laser treatment for Fistula, visit laser360clinic, and get the top treatment at a reasonable cost.

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