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Our Commitment on World Nature Conservation Day?

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Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”― Bapu

What did you make out from this statement of the Father of The Nation? It is, actually, the truth that Mahatma Gandhi wanted everyone, not only in India but people from all over the world also to understand what Nature is all about and what significance does it have for every living organism on this planet of ours.

Actually, the term ‘Nature’ stands for everything that humans have obtained right from the beginning of life on this earth. It has provided us with everything that we need to survive here. Can anyone think about a world that has no trees, no oxygen, no water, and no food? Is it possible even to imagine such a sight? Simply, the answer would be ‘No.’

Actually, the world is facing a severe challenge now, which is sure to develop into a crisis in the time to come. People, these days, are working in an insane manner to harm nature and facing the consequences. The whole world is facing earthquakes, massive floods, and other natural disasters that are nothing but serious threats. One cannot forget the ongoing Pandemic, which thinkers interpret as is a form of Nature’s revenge on humans. It has claimed more than 4.5 million lives from all over the world.

All these examples of disasters clearly indicate that people have no right at all to play with Nature and its attributes. Humans have no right to harm Nature as they have inherited it from their forefathers and they are bound to leave it safe to future generations. In no case, we can afford to do any harm to Nature in any form. Instead, taking care of it becomes a big responsibility that every human on this planet must do.

Keeping Nature safe is not a difficult task provided you are careful enough about your knowledge, rights, and responsibilities. Everyone must take care of the following to preserve Nature and keep it unharmed:

  • It is very significant to decrease the consumption of water. Rather, we should be very cautious while wasting water for unnecessary reasons.
  • We know and accept batteries are dangerous as they leave a harmful impact on the environment. It is, therefore, better to use rechargeable batteries that are comparatively better and safer.
  • Plant as many trees as possible and take care of them so that they can grow well. This simple step can make the planet green and help in balancing the deteriorating ecosystem.
  • Reduce the usage of electricity. Develop the habit of switching off the appliances when your work is done. It can save both energy and money for every user.
  • Do composting to avoid spoiling things around
  • Everyone must try to purchase recyclable and decomposable products as much as possible. They must use certain things recycling them in case it is possible.
  • Put the best initiatives to reduce pollution. Everyone can contribute here. So, instead of waiting for others to begin, you can start playing your role.
  • Aware people about the use of conservation of nature, environment, and energy.
  • Give up smoking if you are a smoker as it is injurious to your health.
  • Grow vegetables on your own maintaining complete organic methods. It is better to plant vegetables and eat organic food.

The Significance of World Nature Conservation Day:

Simply, it is huge! The nature conservation day is celebrated globally every year on 28th July. It is a pious occasion on which the governments take the pledge to work extensively to conserve nature by taking care of every component that it has provided us with. The list mentioned above includes just a few things that one must do to safeguard nature from a certain disaster. The governments along with the NGOs take measures and come up with better plans and initiatives to protect nature from a certain catastrophe. The UNO supports these initiatives by providing the governments with the right infrastructure along with funds. The solitary ambition of observing this day is to make the planet a wonderful place for everyone. The task is difficult but it is not impossible.

The concluding thought:

One must understand that Nature is the source of life on this earth and no one can survive for long by disturbing the balance. So, it is time to become wise and think of ourselves if we are willing to inhabit this planet for long and then make it a better place to live for the future generations. It is a responsibility that no one can escape.Laser Treatment In Delhi

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