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Some Home Remedies of Piles Before Moving to a Laser Surgery

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If we talk about Piles, a bloody painful disease, we are ashamed of revealing the pain. Why so? Piles treatment near me is miraculously healing the patients. But yes, surgeries are done by the doctor in severity. So, are there any home remedies for piles available? What should we opt for before going for surgery? Taking some initial steps is never an issue. Get some healthy tips for the discomforting disease to stop making it worse. Let us get into it and get rid of your pain.

Brilliant Home Remedies for Better Healing

The piles are also known as hemorrhoids are inflamed veins in the rectum or anus. These swollen veins are quite painful. If not taken into consideration this can lead to a chronic level. The best laser treatment cost for piles is available from the best laser clinics. But before going into such a severe situation, let us study some natural remedies. One important thing you should consider. These are some primary options that can provide some relief to you but consulting a doctor is necessary.

Ice Packs

Cold compresses or ice packs to the rectum gives much relief. Fifteen minutes of ice pack soothes the swelling of the anus. This can help in large, and painful hemorrhoids. Direct application can be harmful. Keep the ice pack inside a towel. If the problem persists go for the piles’ treatment near me.

Warm Bath

The best pile treatment near me is at home. Use a warm bath with Epsom salt. It helps in getting rid of the irritation. Sitz baths can also relieve you immensely if performed for twenty minutes after each bowel movement. Epsom Salt can help effectively reduce pain.

Aloe Vera

With brilliant anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is best to reduce irritation in piles. Piles treatment near me can be cured with aloe Vera. Many other skin conditions can also be cured with aloe vera. A pure form of aloe vera gel is prescribed for use in hemorrhoids. Using pure Aloe Vera proves more advantageous in the condition of piles. But consulting a doctor is necessary.

Witch Hazel

For external piles treatment near me, witch hazel provides aid in reducing itching and pain.
The liquid form of witch hazel can be applied directly to the external hemorrhoids. It may give you immense relief.


Soothing wipes that are moistened are perfect for use after bowel movements. The use of normal wipes may prove hard and may irritate. Wipes with an anti-hemorrhoid ingredient are the best for piles treatment near me. Taking the corrective measures may provide some relief. But never ignore the pain and consult a proctologist immediately in severe issues.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that the hemorrhoids can be healed with home remedies. But in case of severity, the proctologist should be consulted and laser treatment can help.


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