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The Aim of International Day of Cooperatives in 2021

international cooperative day

Co-operatives are acknowledged as enterprises and associations. These are usually dedicated associations that people can resourcefully recover their lives when they contribute to the financial, social, edifying, and radical progress of their community and nation. The co-operative movement is also identified as a dissimilar and main participant in both national and international matters.

Co-operatives also substitute exterior parity. Since they are community-based, they are dedicated to the justifiable development of their communities – ecologically, communally, and financially. This commitment can be seen in their support for community activities, local sourcing of supplies to benefit the local economy, and in decision-making that considers the impact on their communities.

International Day Of Cooperatives-An Innovative Idea of the UNO

International Day of Cooperatives or International Cooperative Day was started in 1995. According to the UN General Assembly, the resolution of observing the First Saturday of July as International Day of Cooperatives was passed by the Assembly on December 16, 1992.

In 2021, the theme of the day is ‘Rebuild Better Together.’ Amid the ongoing pandemic threats, the cooperatives around the world have plans to showcase the possible ways to fight out against the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The perfect plan for these cooperatives is to work with solidarity to offer people around the world the best treatment that can set them free from the pandemic.

international day of cooperatives
international day of cooperatives

Focus of the Cooperatives:

In most cases, the cooperatives focus on welfare programs that aim at doing good to people associated with the cooperatives. They also focus on bringing the benefits of their programs to the people in general. To make the cooperative movement bring benefits on the global platform, the efforts are on to bring the prominent cooperatives under a bigger platform. By doing this, cooperatives can bring better initiatives for global advantages. Here, the initiatives should be monitored and governed by a set of policies, strategies, or principles.

The cooperative movement going on at the moment is highly democratic and autonomous. Here, the forms and features of the cooperatives working internationally need to be monitored closely, keeping an eye on every aspect of their plans, programs, and initiatives. Such a big platform can be more responsible for determining their responsibilities to fix and meet the objectives that would certainly include economic, social, and environmental goals. They would focus better on fighting and overcoming poverty, guaranteeing employment, and removing other deficits that prevail.

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