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These Foods Should Never be Consumed During Fistula

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Dealing with a fistula is a daunting task. One must connect to the proctologist, that may perform laser treatment for fistula to help the patient get rid of the disease.

In addition to the best laser treatment, a patient must follow a healthy diet that promotes the healing of the condition.

A fistula is a terrible disease that seems like a tunnel connecting the anal canal to the outside hold in the skin around the anus area.

Signs of fistula include pain while sitting or standing, an opening on the skin of the anus, oozing of pus, stool, or blood from the tunnel’s opening, fever, and so on.

So, to relieve these signs, a patient must connect to a worthy proctologist and take care of their diet.

Dive more into the blog, and learn about the foods to be avoided in the condition.

Don’t Eat this While Facing Fistula Issues

Avoiding certain foods helps alleviate symptoms and help heal all types of fistulas at a better pace.

So, let’s explore and understand the foods we should not eat during the condition of fistula.

Spicy Foods

Foods that contain spices like Chili Peppers and hot sauces may create trouble in the digestive tract and worsen the symptoms associated with fistula.

So, you should avoid eating spicy foods to be free from pain, irritation, and discomfort.

Foods that Cause Bloating

Some foods tend to cause discomfort and bloating, like beans, cabbage, onions, broccoli, and carbonated beverages. Avoid eating these foods may prove the best for a fistula patient.

Highly Acidic Foods

Citrus foods like lemons, grapefruits, tomatoes, oranges, and vinegar are the reason for irritation and discomfort during fistula.

Removing these items from your meal may prove fruitful, hence will be a pain reliever during fistula.

Dairy Products

Start having lactose-free and fermented dairy products to eradicate digestive issues that may prevent the fistula from getting worsened.

The products like high-fat milk, cheese, cakes, pastries, etc., must be avoided during fistula.

Fiber Rich Foods

Although it’s recommended for a fistula patient must eat a high-fiber diet to ensure a healthy digestive system. But sometimes, high-fiber foods like bran, nuts, whole grains, and seeds may worsen fistula symptoms as these foods are difficult to digest.

So, contact your proctologist before going for a high-fiber diet, and get a better suggestion.


The foods that need to be temporarily reduced to be consumed or avoided totally during fistula must be taken care of by a fistula patient. For more information on this, you can connect with the professionals of Laser360Clinic, and get the best assistance on the foods to eat during the condition.

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