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What Makes Laser Treatment Best for Treating Pilonidal Sinus?

Laser Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus

Are you suffering from pilonidal sinus? If yes, then it is advisable to undergo immediate treatment under an expert. Constant delay may result in worsening of the situation, thus resulting in an unexpected outcome. Though there are various treatments for pilonidal sinus, undergoing laser treatment serves to be the best. Want to know how? Here it is…

What is Pilonidal Sinus all about?

Pilonidal sinus refers to an extreme health condition where a capsule is formed below the skin. The capsule contains bacteria and generally, it takes place nearby the buttocks. With time, the bacteria spread further to form a chain of various abscesses. Though non-contagious, it is advisable to consult an expert at the earliest.

Before moving ahead, it is high time to come across some of the symptoms that indicate the cause for pilonidal sinus. The vital factors that result in such an unexpected medical condition include:

  • Hormonal change
  • Growth of hair
  • Long-time friction due to clothes
  • Sitting for long hours

Any of the actions mentioned above is performed, then it results in the growth of hair all around the cleft. That too between the buttocks! Continuous friction may force the hair in the area to get buried under the skin. As the hair is considered to be a foreign substance, as a result, a cyst gets formed. It is known as pilonidal sinus!

What are the Symptoms that Indicate the Cause of Pilonidal Sinus?

How will you confirm the occurrence of the pilonidal sinus in your body? Obviously, with the help of certain symptoms you will be able to make out if you had become prey to pilonidal sinus or not:

  • High level of pain at the time of sitting
  • Redness and soreness near the buttocks area
  • Continuous coming out of blood and pus from the area
  • Coming out of a foul smell from the drainage area where the pus has occurred

If you come across any of the symptoms; then do not be late in taking expert medical advice. Though medications can treat the ailment if at the initial level, laser pilonidal sinus treatment remains the only option in case the amount of ailment has become highly serious. The benefits associated with laser treatment are innumerable. Some of the remarkable ones include the following:

  • Painless procedure – Whenever patients come across the word surgery, they start getting nightmares due to the cuts and bruises. Opting for laser surgery it will become easy to stay away from the pain.
  • Lower risks of infection – As clear by the name, laser pilonidal sinus treatment makes use of laser beams for damaging the follicle. Hence, you may stay away from the fear of becoming prey to infection.
  • Quick recovery – This is another perk associated with undergoing laser treatment. You may expect to return to your normal life as usual post the procedure gets over.

Coming across some of the benefits associated with laser surgery, you must not set back on shortlisting the names of some of the most reliable laser clinics near me. There you will come across trained experts that will carry on with the procedure with high care.



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