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What Risks are Possible with Fistulotomy Surgery?

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Patients suffering from anal fistula have forgotten traditional surgical methods with the rise of laser treatment for anal fistula.

Have you ever gone through a fistulotomy? Is there any risk involved in the process? How laser is beneficial as compared to fistulotomy?

Let us go through this marvelous blog, get a perfect understanding of the disease, and see what drawbacks are involved in the process of fistulotomy.

Laser is a Better Process in Each Aspect

The surgical method of fistulotomy that doctors used to perform before the development of the best laser treatment for anal fistula is a bit difficult to handle.

During this process, the fistula channel is opened by performing incisions. The infected tissues are cleaned off during the process and the tract is left open.

The doctor stitches the wound but the fistula tract remains open during the process. This can result in side effects.

But there are no side effects of laser treatment fistula. Now, let us check what risks are involved after the process of fistulotomy.


If the fistula tract is in a tricky position, the problem of incontinence arises. The fistula tract passes through the anal sphincter. This results in the problem of incontinence of stool or gas.

Incontinence arises if a fistulotomy is not performed properly, or this problem can be a side effect after the process.

Proper laser fistula surgery has minimal side effects, only in rare cases, the incontinence becomes a pitfall of laser surgery.


Infection is a common trouble that can happen with the use of surgical equipment in the process of fistulotomy.

Fistulotomies include the close contact of feces with an open wound. So, proper cleaning is essential after the surgery. Else, this brings in the chances of infection after the process.

But during laser fistula treatment is performed with the help of a laser beam, and avoids an injury to the anal sphincter. This reduces the chances of infection or side effects of laser treatment for fistula.


Fistulotomy has a low recurrence rate. But laser fistula treatment is way much better than the traditional methods. The recurrence rate is nearly impossible in the case of laser treatments.

A lower recurrence rate helps in healing the patient at a faster pace.

So, having fistulotomy as a traditional method can have some pitfalls. But laser clinics are much safer than conventional ways.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that opt for fistula surgery after considering the drawbacks of the treatment. This helps in recovering and healing at a better pace accompanied by no risk of side effects.

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