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Why Traditional Methods Prove Troublesome while Treating Fistulas?

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Treatment of anal fistulas with traditional methods is quite a mess. You might not have experienced it, but in another case, you have found that painful, and bloody. With the development of anal fistula surgery with laser, pain and excessive bloodshed have washed away.

The fear of surgery has gone with the fistula treatment with laser. So, how do conventional methods use to scare patients? Why are they troublesome? Let us go through this blog and get some fruitful information.

Laser is Better than Various Conventional Surgical Techniques

Modern methods are always worthy for treating anal fistulas. But many individuals are still in favor of traditional methods.

With a clear view of the traditional methods and a simple laser treatment, it will be easy for you to find the distinction between the two.

Anal Fistulotomy

The painful treatment involves cutting along the fistula in its whole length to open the wound and heal the disease. There is a minor risk of incontinence involved in the process.

Whereas, in laser treatment of the fistula, there is no risk of incontinence involved after the process of surgery. The pain involved in the process of fistulotomy is found nil in the laser treatments.

Seton Techniques

During this procedure, the seton is inserted in the fistula and left in the wound for many weeks to keep it open. Seton is a type of surgical thread that is used in this procedure.

The Setons are tightened up to avoid any drainage, but that proves quite painful for the patients.

During laser treatment for fistula, no incisions are required as the laser beam works effectively to cure and heal the disease quite comfortably.

LIFT Procedure

LIFT treatment involved cutting the skin above the fistula to move the anal sphincter muscles apart. Then anal fistula is sealed and cut open for letting it lie flat.

Laser fistula treatment does not involve any cuts in the process. This helps patients experience less pain and blood during the treatment of anal fistula.

Endoscopic Ablation

Endoscopic Ablation is a procedure that involves an endoscope i.e., the tube with a camera on the end, which is inserted in the fistula to check what’s happening inside.

Next is the passing of an electrode through the endoscope to seal the anal fistula.

This is a safer procedure. But laser treatment is much safer than this as it involves a small beam in the process of laser surgery for the fistula, and healing the wound at a faster pace.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that you might have understood the benefits of availing a laser surgery of anal fistula over traditional treatments. Check for the best laser clinic and get the laser treatment to get rid of your anal fistula effectively and efficiently.

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