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World Patient Safety Day-Objectives in 2021

A patient suffering from any disease is usually a person who deserves some kind of sympathy along with the right treatment. The World Health Organization (WHO) understood the critical situation of the patients with a special program in the form of World Patient Safety Day. As per the directives of the UNO, the day is celebrated worldwide on September 17 every year.

For the celebration this year, the WHO has come up with a special theme as the organization wants to dedicate this day to the welfare of new mothers and their newborn children. The theme for World Patient Safety Day is ‘Safe Maternal and Newborn Care’. Here, the organization has also issued a slogan for the stakeholders. It says ‘Act Now For Safe and Respectful Childbirth.’

This special day is dedicated to planning for better treatment facilities for the patients as they deserve the best treatment. The idea of dedicating this day to the new mothers and their kids is based on the fact that more than 810 women from all over the world die every day due to various pregnancy complications. In addition to this, over 6700 newborn babies also lose their lives every day due to inadequate or poor treatment facilities available to them. At present, these people need even closer treatment and monitoring due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic situations.

Luckily, the major part of stillbirths and maternal and newborn deaths are avoidable provided they get the right facilities. The initiative aims at providing the provision of safe and quality treatment and care by educated and skilled health professionals. WHO believes that it can be done by engaging all stakeholders and adoption of complete healthcare systems and community-based treatment approaches.

Initiated in the year 2019, World Patient Safety Day was established to improve global consideration of patient safety, better public engagement in health care, and endorse global actions to improve patient safety and reduce patient harm. As this program is conceptualized and initiated by the WHO, so the member countries get some technical assistance from the organization to create the impact. However, the governments of the countries also encourage their machinery to take adequate measures to make this day a success.

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