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A Know How on the Treatment for Fissure

Every individual is aware of anal fissures these days. Treatment for fissures is possible quite easily with the help of laser fissure surgery.

An open sore or a tear occurring in the lining of the large intestines near the is known as an anal fissure.

Do you know patients find fissure pain unbearable? This is a common symptom that happens during bowel movements accompanied by a deep burning that lasts for several hours.

Bleeding can be another trouble that people notice during the development of anal fissures.

This disease should not be taken for granted. a proctologist must be consulted for the best treatment for fissures.

Let us check some of the most important causes of anal fissures below.

  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth that causes a stretch in the anal
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Sexually transmitted diseases like herpes and syphilis
  • Tightness in the anal sphincter muscles that increases the tension of the anal canal
  • Ulcerative Colitis

How to Cure Fissure Permanently?

In earlier times, when the traditional method was the only option to cure fissures, patients used to get scared of the horrifying equipment used in the surgery.

Time has changed and brought laser surgery to treat the dreadful disease. Laser treatment is the best two treat anal fissures.

This is an effective method that uses a laser beam to remove the part of analysts and to improve the blood flow in the anal area.

Pressures can be permanently cured with the help of laser treatments. Does every patient have a question in his mind “How to cure fissure permanently”?

Laser surgery is the perfect answer to this question. The non-invasive treatments are quite comfortable for patients suffering from fissures.

No time-taking procedure is possible with laser surgery. This process allows the sufferers to get discharged and resume their work quite early.

With minimum post-surgery pain and a higher success rate, the patients will be relieved and satisfy it with smoother healing of the disease.

Is it possible to have fissure treatment without surgery?

Yes, fissures can be healed with the help of some home remedies. we will let you know how to heal a fissure fast.

Drinking water

Plenty of Water is at least 8 glasses of water is very important to avoid dehydration.
Liquids like coffee, alcohol and other beverages are not included in normal fluids and are not healthy to drink at the time of anal fissures.

Eating Fiber Rich Diet

Fiber-rich diet health and reducing the risk of Constipation. eating high-fiber foods like lentils, cheese, soybeans, and whole grains, and soon in your diet is extremely important at the time of anal fissures.

Sitz Bath

Search what is the very common type of homely method that helps him and reduces the pain and discomfort caused due to anal fissures.

Home remedies can be the best treatment for fissures if taken seriously.

Soaking the affected area in warm water two to three times a day can help relieve the patient from the pain.

Performing this method after the bowel Movements is also necessary to avoid any discomfort.

Follow bathroom hygiene

This is a very important point to be taken care of by every patient with fissures.
Cleaning the anal region after every bowel movement quite gently is important.
Avoiding soap is a great option to prevent irritation in the anal skin.
Sitting for long hours in the toilet and putting extra pressure on the annual area is just not acceptable at the time of anal fissures.

So, these can also be the best treatment for fissures that helps in healing the patient quite easily and smoothly.

The conclusion

The bottom line says that anal fissures should not be worried as laser treatments have provided immense support to every sufferer of the disease. This method has reduced the pain and blood in the process which allows sufferers to have a minimally invasive process at affordable prices in laser360Clinic the best laser clinic in Delhi.


Ques 1- What is the fastest way to heal a fissure?

Ans- Laser surgery is the fastest way to heal a fissure. Anal fissures can be easily healed with the help of minimally invasive laser treatments that help a patient in recovering at a faster rate without any pain and blood.

Ques-2. Which treatment is good for fissures?

Ans- Laser treatment is very beneficial for anal fissures. this is the best treatment that needs to be taken by each patient for healing quickly without any pain and discomfort.

Ques-3. Is fissure treatable without surgery?

Ans- Yes fissures can be treated without surgery as well. Some home remedies help in treating fissures quite easily. For example, sitz bath, eating high fiber foods, taking care of toilet hygiene, drinking plenty of water, and so on.

Ques-4. How long will the fissure take to heal?

Ans- anal fissures can be healed within a few weeks, or it can also take at least six weeks. If the anal fissure lasts for more than six weeks then it can be treated as chronic anal fissures.

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