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Know About Food to Avoid in Piles

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You must be aware of the dreadful disease that is becoming normal in individuals these days. Yes, we’re talking about piles. Do you know about the food to avoid in piles?

The most discomforting disease that makes people embarrassed consulting a doctor captures many individuals. Need piles treatment faster.

Also known by the name hemorrhoids, what is it caused by? why a liquid diet for hemorrhoids is recommended by doctors?

Do you want to know the answers to these questions? If yes, then let us walk through this informative blog, and get a better understanding.

5 Foods to Avoid with Hemorrhoids

Constipation is the major cause of hemorrhoids. Controlling the Constipation issues, and other gastrointestinal problems may help him preventing from piles.

For this, you should be aware of 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids.


A liquid diet for hemorrhoids plays a crucial role in improving constipation problems.

Fluids like alcohol, and caffeine, and soon or not included in the liquid diet. These fluids cause dehydration on in turn leads to constipation troubles. So, these should be entirely avoided.

Fried Food

Fried food is admired by most people including youngsters having large quantities of fried food may develop Constipation.

These foods are low in fiber and contain more fats.

This proves quite unhealthy for the digestive system and leads to the pile’s problem.

Red meat

A negligible amount of fiber present in red meat and high content of fat works like poison to the pile’s patient.

One should avoid eating red meat as it causes irritable bowel movements due to Constipation.

Cow milk

All the government is very healthy for the body. But in the case of piles, does not work well.

Is the major problem Constipation is the major problem caused by consuming call milk or any other dairy products at the time of hemorrhoids.

So, cow milk should be avoided as it can cause trouble while in piles.

Gluten Rich Food

Gluten causes autoimmune disease, as well as constipation. Gluten-rich foods are not appropriate for the digestive system.

Wheat and barley are included in gluten-rich foods. That should be avoided in the case of piles.


What do you think? Is chicken good for hemorrhoids? The answer is no.

Chicken is difficult to digest and can cause pain while passing stool.

With the high risk of cross-contamination and high content of fat and cholesterol, it is not supposed to be eaten while having piles.

So, what do you think about peanuts? Are peanuts good for piles?

Yes, peanuts can be used at the time of piles.

With high fiber content present, this can be the best food to be consumed at the time of hemorrhoids.

So, peanuts are the right option to go with. It has anti-inflammatory properties that provide aid by preventing swelling in the anal region while piles.

Do you have a clue about yogurt? Is yogurt good for hemorrhoids?

Yogurt is very beneficial for healing the piles and avoiding them recurring. So, yogurt is the finest food that can be a part of your meals while having piles.

Is egg good for Piles?

The egg is a crucial food that helps in avoiding constipation issues. None of the stomach-related issues occur consuming eggs every day.

This is the perfect food that needs to be consumed while having hemorrhoids.

Eating high-fiber foods for piles is quite beneficial for patients with piles.

High-fiber foods avoid constipation and make your bowel movements smooth and painless. So, focus on healthy foods that can be consumed during piles, and stay away from the low fiber food.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that the piles should be taken care of. By having a healthy and perfect diet, one should be preventing the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, and get them healed faster. Laser 360 Clinic is the leading among various laser centers offering a great level of laser treatment at a minimal cost.

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Ques-1. What foods make piles worse?

Ans- The low fiber content food, processed foods alcohol, caffeine, gluten-rich good, fast food, etc. make piles worse.

Ques-2. Is Banana good in Piles?

Ans- Bananas are great foods in Piles and help reduce the painful and discomfiting symptoms of piles.

Ques-3. What food removes Piles?

Ans- Barley, corn, prunes, lentils, whole wheat bread, wheat bran, and cereals help remove Piles.

Ques-4. Which fruits can be eaten in Piles?

Ans- Apples, Bananas, Pears, Kiwi, Raspberries, Prunes, etc. are the fruits that can be eaten in Piles.


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