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Anal Fistula Surgery: Risk Comparison Conventional to Laser Methods

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Painful trouble in the anal region caused by an infected tunnel between the skin and anus. Yes, it’s an anal fistula—patients with occurring symptoms like pain, swelling, oozing of pus, fever, etc., must visit laser clinics to get rid of this problem.

But why only laser surgery for fistula is beneficial? There are traditional methods of helping patients in throwing this disease out.

What about the risk factor? Do you want a clear and transparent comparison of the risk involved in traditional fistula treatment over laser treatments?

So, let us walk through this comprehensive blog and get a detailed view of risk factors by comparing both surgeries.

Which One’s Better? Traditional or Laser?

If we talk about an overall treatment process, the laser treatment of a fistula has many advantages over traditional surgeries, and one of them is the risk involved.

So, let us go through why fistulotomy is much riskier than laser fistula surgery.

  • Incontinence

Although fistulotomy is a successful procedure, it’s risky for many reasons, like the fistula tract’s position. Incontinence is a common issue that can arise after traditional fistula surgery.

The reason for incontinence is that the fistula tract passes through the anal sphincter. Sphincter muscles help in controlling the passage of gas and feces.

As fistulotomy requires cutting into the sphincter muscles, the problem of incontinence can occur.

Whereas the laser anal fistula treatment is free from incisions and doesn’t cause the anal sphincter muscles any damage. So, laser treatments help patients stay away from incontinence.

  • Risk of Gas Incontinence

During traditional fistula treatment, there are ample chances of damage to the anal sphincter muscles. This can become a problem for an individual in exerting control over gas passage.

So, the issue of gas incontinence may occur. But laser treatments are free from this problem. After the completion of the procedure with the help of laser energy, patients are free to work as before, and there is no problem like incontinence after the surgery.

  • Pain and Blood Loss

The conventional treatments of an anal fistula are performed with the help of surgical devices that causes pain and blood loss. During laser treatment for fistula, a laser beam works miraculously in offering painless and bloodless treatments to the patients.

There is no risk involved in the laser treatment process, and patients are discharged a day or two after the surgery.

  • Risk of Infection

Due to the usage of surgical equipment in the anal region during fistulotomy, infections are likely to occur. The problem of anal fistula is an open wound near the area you pass the stool, so conditions may arise if the site is not cleaned up properly.

Laser surgery is less prone to the risk of infection and helps patients get risk-free treatment, recovery, and healing.

The Conclusion

The bottom line is that fistula laser surgery must opt for the best healing without any risk, and it’s better than traditional treatments. If you want a fistula treatment, connect with laser360clinic, and have fantastic laser surgery.

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