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Complex Anal Fistulas: A Careful Evaluation and Treatment

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Do you know what complex anal fistulas are? The laser treatment of anal fistula has become quite beneficial for patients. But before moving to that, we should know about complex anal fistulas.

It has been researched that complex fistulas have more muscle involvement, including more than 30% external sphincter, recurrent fistulas, anterior fistulas in female patients, and those associated with preexisting inflammatory bowel disease, fetal incontinence, or radiations.

This comprehensive blog lets us review some evaluation processes and treatment methods for complex anal fistulas.

Dealing with Complex Fistulas is a Heavy Task

Before providing any treatments, including laser surgery, and traditional ones, the proctologists thoroughly evaluate the disease to reach desired results.

So, let us check a few examination processes every good proctologist carries out.

  • Thorough Examination

The proctologists check for the previous records of the patient suffering from complex anal fistula. Professionals patiently review prior surgical records, including any anorectal operations.

Doctors perform a detailed anorectal exam of the patient and check for any sepsis symptoms occurring. Anoscopy and proctoscopy are conducted to examine the complex anal fistula perfectly.

  • Imaging Techniques

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is the perfect imaging technique professionals follow before a fistulotomy or the best laser fistula surgery.

Endoanal ultrasound is another imaging tool that proves quite effective in examining complex anal fistulas.

Treatment of Complex Anal Fistulas is Amazing

Complex anal fistulas are painful; conventional methods and laser treatments can treat these. Let us check how both techniques cure anal fistulas in a challenging stage.

  • Fistulotomy

This common technique is used to cure anal fistulas in a difficult position. Fistulotomy includes cutting the whole length of the fistula to open it. The risk of gas and waste material incontinence is involved after the surgery.

  • Seton Method

Surgeons recommend this procedure when the fistula is passed through a significant portion of the sphincter muscle. Seton is a thread inserted in the fistula and left for weeks to open it up.

Tight setons are used to cut fistulas slowly and steadily. So, the seton is a painful technique for healing complex anal fistulas.

  • LIFT

Doctors prefer litigation of the Intersphinteric Fistula Tract(LIFT), where fistulotomy is risky. The incisions are being made in the skin during this procedure. The sphincter muscles are separated with the cut, and then the surgeons seal the fistula at both ends and cut it open.

  • Laser Treatment for Fistula

During the laser fistula surgery, the required amount of energy is delivered to the fistula tract with the help of a laser probe. After some time, the fistula tissues are destroyed, and surgeons pull the laser probe back, followed by closing the tract.

Laser surgery is a modern technology that helps patients get treatments with no incisions, painless, and without extreme blood loss. So, this is a highly effective surgical method patients prefer today.

The Conclusion

The bottom line is that for treating complex anal fistulas, laser treatment is worth it. To get the best laser surgery, you can visit laser360clinic, offering brilliant service at a minimal price.

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