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Autistic Pride Day-Our Responsibility Towards Autistic People

World Autistic Pride Day

Among many diseases that human beings suffer from, Autism is a very prominent one that many people suffer from. It is a disease that occurs right from birth and to some extent is not completely curable. The experts, including doctors, believe that autism is not a disease. Rather it is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens in the human brain that stops it from growing naturally. They define it as a disorder that results in the confused understanding that makes the people suffering from autism slightly different from others. As far as the possibilities of curing the disease are concerned, the medical science is never pessimistic about it.

However, it is true that the patients suffering from autism are unable to live an independent life and that is the most negative aspect of the disease. Actually, medical science defines it as a neurological developmental disability that affects the development of the human brain naturally and hampers social interaction, communication, behavior, and communication. Many specialist doctors also define the disease as a spectrum disorder that results in a difference in characteristics and symptoms. Not all patients have similar complications and that is why they get different treatment as well.

World Autistic Pride Day:

Celebrated every year on the 18th Day of June, the World Autistic Pride Day has been a pride moment for those who are suffering from this disease. The celebration of the date as the World Autism Pride Day started in 2005. Initiated by Aspies For Freedom, the day is remarkable for those who are suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. The day brings them a chance to be aware of their disease and to celebrate their neurodiversity and differences from others. The best thing about the celebration of the day lies in the fact that it is organized by the individuals who are themselves suffering from autism.

World Autistic Pride Day

As far as the treatment of autism is concerned, the doctors are not very much sure about it. Still, they do not any opportunity for a miracle so that the patients get some results that they can get. Still, these people may have some expectations from the society that they live in. Undoubtedly, these people are very sentimental and emotional. Due to this, normal people living around them bear a big responsibility.

They must respect them as someone who is not similar to everyone around. They have diverse characteristics, including some extraordinary ones. People must encourage those hidden talents in the kids suffering from autism. Though they are no competitors to the normal people, we must create special opportunities for them and then encourage them to go and grab them. Encouragement can do wonders for them. They get mentally and psychologically boost up and that is certainly good for the overall growth of those people.

Keeping in mind that autism is not curable, people must treat those who are suffering from autism with some kind of respect that they deserve. It would not do any harm to them, but it can do a lot of positive things for those people who are differently-abled. A little amount of encouragement can bring a lot of positivity to those who suffer from autism. They do not deserve sympathy. Instead, they deserve encouragement! People can always do that for them.

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