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The Significance of Father’s Day in the Contemporary World

Father’s Day

A family consists of a father, a mother, and their kids. Both the father and the mother are jointly responsible for the proper upkeep of their kids. They share work and the responsibilities so that they can undertake all the duties well, without ignoring any. Though the responsibilities have changed over the years, the fathers have continued to play a pivotal role in the family. They are usually the silent workers who do everything to keep their families happy and satisfied.

The father faces all the odds with a smile on his face so that others in the family can live happily. Keeping them happy, safe, and satisfied becomes a strong determination for the father. Usually, these are the few things that make a father an indivisible part of every family. Usually, it is seen that a family without a father is often a sad story. Here, the mother becomes responsible for the proper care of the family. It is often a difficult task for her! Actually, no one can replace a father and that is valid for every family!

Father’s Day is not like any other day that people observe anywhere in the world. It is actually a day on which the children realize and accept the contribution of their fathers and get an opportunity to show them how much they love them. Actually, the bonding between the parents and the children is badly affected in today’s materialistic world. The human values are getting shattered due to the reducing love and care among the kids for their parents. Remember, this is not happening to a particular country on this planet. Actually, it is a global issue that has caused some unwanted situations for the parents, especially the father. The increasing number of old-age homes is clear proof of this menace.

Does the Father Deserve Such Treatment from Their Kids?

The answer is very obvious! Absolutely not!! A father is a pillar of a family and it bears a load of responsibilities through a major part of his life. In such a situation, he does not deserve any ill-treatment from his kids. Instead, he deserves the love and care with which he used to take care of his kids. Here, every child needs to be more responsible. They must think that a stage will also come to their life when they would also depend on their kids. They must value the old English saying ‘As You Sow, So You Reap.’ The saying will motivate them to and maintain good work in their life so that their kids would also take care of them on their turn. The law of ‘Karma’ can always motivate them so that they can live their old age happily.

So, What Could the Children Do to Their Fathers?

It is simple! The child is the father of the man. And, it is an eternal truth. Both the boy-child and the girl-child should be ready to undertake the responsibility of the father when he grows older and becomes unable to take care of himself. They can try their best to keep the father happy as it can keep him positive all the time. Ultimately, it is the best way to keep him happy and fit, both physically and psychologically. At this age, an old man does not have much requirements other than love and care from his children.

If you love your parents and want to keep them happy and fit, then do not send them to an old-age home. It is an inhuman thing that you can do to the person who brought you to life. Be a little caring towards them, and you will receive endless love and blessings from them.

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