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Sufferers of an anal fistula are now satisfied with the launch of laser fistula treatment. The best-ever cure without any pain and blood is miraculous.

There have been conventional anal fistula treatments going on for years. But now laser treatments have brought immense help to patients.

With painless and bloodless anal fistula treatments, the laser has fully transformed the perception of people. Coming from the generation of the scariest traditional methods, the laser has brought a sense of fearless surgeries.

Today we will learn about fistula treatment types to check the conventional as well as laser treatments to showcase the fact at a better pace.

Fistula is a Curable Disease with Great Treatments

Let us see the treatments that belong to anal fistula, and gain some fruitful knowledge of the same.


This is a conventional method of anal fistula. The surgeons perform fistulotomy by cutting along the whole fistula length for opening it up.

The fistulas that do not pass through much of the sphincter muscle are perfectly handled through this fistula treatment.

Seton Techniques

This technique of seton is preferred by the surgeon when the fistula passes through a significant portion of the sphincter muscle.

Seton is a surgical thread that is left in the fistula to keep it open for many weeks. This helps in preventing the need of cutting sphincter muscle and allows the fistula to drain.

Healing is done with seton but the setons should be tight to get the anal fistula cure. Loose setons allow the fistula to drain, but that does not cure them.

LIFT Procedure

LIFT is the Litigation of the Intersphincteric Fistula Tract. This is another anal fistula treatment. The fistulas that pass through the anal sphincter muscles are treated with this procedure.

Keeping the sphincter muscles apart, a cut is made in the skin above the fistula.

Endoscopic Ablation Procedure

Anal Fistula treatment of endoscopic ablation involves a tube with a camera on the end. This tube is known as an endoscope.

The endoscope is put inside the fistula and then an electrode is passed to seal it. This is a safe method with less risk involved in the process.

Laser Treatment

The new treatment for fistula is laser surgery. Laser fiber treatment is the latest anal fistula treatment that involves a small laser beam to seal the fistula. It happens with the help of laser fiber treatment emitting the beam radially.

The hemorrhoid fistula happens through infection from the blocked gland inside the anus. But the above treatments make it heal successfully. Laser is the new treatment for fistula and is quite effective.

Some home remedies can work as a fistula treatment without surgery. But consulting a proctologist is necessary to heal the anal fistula on time because, in the case of a fistula, home remedies can only relieve your pain.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that anal fistula has different treatment types. Laser surgery is the most advanced treatment and is admired by most patients. So, going for laser surgery is the best decision ever.

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Ques-1. How serious is a fistula?

Ans- The fistula is serious trouble but with the help of the best laser surgeries, it has not been a serious problem anymore. The painless and bloodless methods have made it easy for surgeons to perform, and patients to heal.

Ques-2.Can a fistula heal without surgery?

Ans- Healing of the fistula is usually not possible without surgery. But you can try some home remedies like a sitz bath, drinking plenty of water, and eating a high-fiber diet to avoid constipation, for relieving your pain.

Ques-3. How can fistula be cured?

Ans- A perfect laser treatment without any complicated procedure can cure a fistula at a better pace.

Ques-4. What is the main cause of fistula?

Ans- An infection in an anal gland is the main cause of a fistula. Some other conditions that make fistula arise are sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, Chron’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and so on. This makes a painful fistula happens in the body.

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