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A Gist on Healing the Piles with the Piles Surgery

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Hemorrhoids are commonly known as Piles and this is a troublesome issue. But piles surgery has become a major success to heal the patient.

When do Piles Need Surgery? Every patient has this question in their mind. The top piles surgery has its own time and importance. Before understanding the need for piles surgery, let us go through the grades of hemorrhoids.

This will let you be aware of the time that leads to the requirement for surgery. So, come and get some worthy information about piles grades.

The Grades of Hemorrhoids are Dreadful

Before going for the Piles surgery, proctologists look into the grades of hemorrhoids. Let us also check the same to understand how grades are related to the Piles surgery.

Grade 1– These are termed internal hemorrhoids. The Grade 1 hemorrhoids prolapse and protrude out of the anus. Some simple procedures like eating a high-fiber diet, drinking plenty of water, etc. may help in healing the piles.

Grade 2– Grade 2 hemorrhoids are also internal hemorrhoids. They prolapse, and then go back to the anus. But this type of hemorrhoid requires treatments like rubber band litigation, infrared coagulation, and injection sclerotherapy.

Grades 3 and 4– Grades 3 and 4 are quite serious phases of hemorrhoids. Grade 3 hemorrhoids are internal and prolapse out of the anus. They are possible to push back to the anus.

Grade 4 hemorrhoids do not get inside the anus after prolapse. So, the 3 and 4 grades of hemorrhoids need piles surgery. The common surgeries for these types of hemorrhoids are surgical hemorrhoid stapling procedures, surgical hemorrhoid excision, and laser surgeries.

Various Piles Surgery Types

In this technologically developed medical world, laser piles surgery has been increasing in the demand. But some other methods are no less on the healing.

Let us check all the ways to cure hemorrhoids in a better way.


Severe internal and external hemorrhoids are being treated by these piles surgery. Grades 3 and 4 of hemorrhoids require this type of surgery.

Multiple types of hemorrhoids can be treated with this method. But the complication rate is higher in hemorrhoidectomy.
Let us know the names of various hemorrhoidectomies performed by the surgeons. These include

  • Open Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Closed Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Rubber Band Litigation
  • Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Laser Surgery

Open Hemorrhoidectomy

This surgery includes a scalpel, scissors, electrocautery, or laser to perform the excision of the bundles of hemorrhoids keeping the incision open.

This procedure is used when the disease couldn’t be closed due to high infection.

Closed Hemorrhoidectomy

Closed hemorrhoidectomy consists of the same process of excision accompanied by a proper closure with an absorbable suture.

This procedure is the best to treat internal hemorrhoids, and appropriate care is necessary after the closure of the wound. Taking proper sitz baths, eating a high-fiber diet, and using softeners to avoid constipation.

Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

This piles surgery type includes a circular stapling device for the excision of excess piles tissues. The Grade 3 and 4 hemorrhoids generally require this method of treatment.

Rubber Band Litigation

During this piles surgery type, the surgeon uses a rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid.

This helps in cutting off the circulation of blood to the tissues of hemorrhoids and makes them eventually shrink.

Piles Laser Surgery

This is the latest piles surgery type. The minimally invasive treatment of laser surgery has an affordable piles laser treatment cost.

The process includes delivering the laser beam on the tissue of piles and making them shrink and fall off quite easily. Life after hemorrhoid surgery is quite normal.

There is no risk of death in this surgery. Piles surgery recovery time is just one to two days. After that, the patient is no more a patient and can resume office work.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that although there are various methods to treat piles, laser piles surgery is the most simple and effective method one must opt for to have a perfect recovery fooled by better healing.

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Ques-1. How Painful is Piles Surgery?

Ans- Piles laser surgery includes no pain and bloodshed in the procedure. The traditional methods of surgery lead to pain and complications. Laser treatment is completely safe.

Ques-2. Is Piles a major surgery?

Ans- At the time of traditional methods of treatments, piles surgery was used to be called major surgery. But with the development of laser piles surgery, it is no more major surgery. The simple process of piles with the laser has made patients feel less scared, nowadays.

Ques-3. What stage of piles requires surgery?

Ans- Grade 3 and 4 of piles requires surgery.

Ques-4. How long does a piles surgery take?

Ans- Going for laser treatments takes only one day in the process of surgery. The days of rest required for the patients are just one to two. Traditional methods are complicated and take much time in completed surgery.

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