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Check Out the Constraints of Conventional Treatment for Piles

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The level of fear, pain, and discomfort is eliminated from the minds of patients suffering from piles through the best laser treatment for piles.

But why do people shift to laser clinics from the traditional treatment for piles? What are the reasons for a reduced patient for conventional methods?

Read this blog, and gain some understanding of the limitation of conventional surgeries that make patients move towards laser treatments.

So, check this blog deeply, and gain practical knowledge now.

The Conventional Treatments and Their Limitations

Hemorrhoids, often known as piles, are commonly treated with non-surgical techniques and dietary modifications. The traditional methods have several limitations, even though they can be helpful for many people.

  • Symptomatic Relief

The main goal of conventional treatments is to reduce piles’ discomfort, itchiness, and pain. But conventional treatments might not address the underlying cause of the problem or offer a long-lasting remedy.

  • Recurrence

If the underlying causes of piles, including constipation or straining during bowel movements, are not appropriately addressed, they are more likely to come again. Changing one’s lifestyle may not be enough to prevent a recurrence in some circumstances.

  • Side Effects

Some drugs used in traditional therapy, like topical creams or suppositories, can irritate some people’s skin or induce allergic reactions or burning sensations. The adverse effects of oral drugs can vary based on the particular medication.

  • Time-Taking Process

Changing one’s lifestyle to include more fiber, water, and frequent exercise is a common component of conventional therapies for piles. It could take much time and work to implement these changes and keep them up.

  • Limited Effectiveness

In general, mild to moderate piles respond well to conventional therapy. Surgery may be needed for efficient therapy of hemorrhoids in advanced stages, such as prolapsed or thrombosed hemorrhoids.

  • Lack of Personalized Treatments

Traditional methods provide a comprehensive strategy for managing piles. A more individualized treatment strategy may be necessary to meet specific demands because individual piles cases can differ in severity, symptoms, and underlying reasons.

  • Limitations for Internal Hemorrhoids

Around the anus, external hemorrhoids are easier to cure with lotions, ointments, or other topically applied substances. However, standard treatments might not be as successful in treating internal hemorrhoids inside the rectum.

  • Pain and Bleeding

Traditional treatments involve general anesthesia to reduce pain during the surgery. But pain after the surgery is possible with conventional methods.


It’s better to opt for laser treatment instead of painful and discomforting conventional methods for a happy and satisfactory piles treatment. Visit laser360clinic, and get the best hemorrhoid treatment now at a budget-friendly cost.

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