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How Proctologists Treat Fissures Through Laser Treatments?

how proctologists treat fissures through laser treatments

Proctologists, also known as colorectal surgeons, use laser treatments for fissures. With increased fissures in multiple age groups, proctologists use laser sphincterotomy, which works best for the patients.

The laser treatment for fissures is known as Laser Sphincterotomy. It is a minimally invasive procedure that aims to relax the internal ad sphincter muscles and promote the healing of the fissures.

So, how are the best proctologists performing laser treatment of fissures? To know the proper steps of the process, read the blog carefully, and get worthy information on laser fissures treatment.

The Best Treatment of Fissures is Highly Favorable

With an increase in technology, patients are relieved by laser surgery. Let’s check the process of the same below,

  • Preparation

The laser surgeons initially prepare correctly before moving to the final surgery. Preparations include fasting, or bowel cleansing, depending on the specific instructions provided by the proctologists.

  • Use of Anesthesia

Laser surgery uses local anesthesia in the process. Local anesthesia is usually administered to numb the anal area and ensure the patient’s comfort during the procedures.

Although there is no pain in the laser procedure, patients are sometimes provided with sedatives to offer the best comfort.

  • Surgery

The next step involves the performance of the laser sphincterotomy. During the surgery, the patients are cured through a laser device. The proctologist uses a laser to incision the internal anal sphincter. The laser delivers the laser energy to the targeted areas minimizing the damage to the surrounding tissues.

  • Relaxation to Sphincter Muscles

With the help of minimally invasive laser treatment, the sphincter muscles are relaxed. Relaxing anal sphincter muscles helps reduce muscle spasms and tension, reducing the chances of recurring anal fissures.

  • Healing

The healing starts naturally after the miraculous process of laser treatment of fissures. The improved blood flow to the area and the formation of healthy granulation tissue become a reason for properly healing the fissures faster.

  • Post-Procedure Care

The patient gets significant care after the surgical process of fissures. The post-procedure care involves maintaining good hygiene, keeping the area clean, following a perfect and healthy lifestyle, and working on the dietary procedures recommended by a proctologist.

Laser treatment is a perfect procedure that helps most patients with the incredible surgeries of the laser.

A patient must visit the proctologist immediately after the occurrence of the following symptoms,

  • Pain during passing stool
  • Visible crack in the skin around the anus
  • Pain after bowel movements that lasts for long hours
  • Bleeding during the passing of stool, and so on.


Fissures are no more a terrible disease to handle, as laser treatments have made it simple for proctologists to cure the fissures at a rapid pace. Visit laser360clinic, and get the best treatment at affordable prices.

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