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Do We Need To Rethink And Revise Our Priorities on World Population Day?

World Population Day

You would not be surprised if one says that the green planet in danger today. If you look at the happenings across the world, then you would affirm that statement. Your acceptance can be without any hesitation a all. The irony lies in the fact that humans, the wisest animals on this planet, have created this danger. At present numerous species of animals live on this earth of ours. They are under some amount of threat, and it is also due to humans.

If you look at the source of all the threats, then you would clearly understand that the problems started when the population of human beings began growing. Initially, the situation was under control. But, things have gone out of control and the survival of all the living beings is under some serious challenges. The experts believe that the problems would worsen if the population keeps growing at a rate it is growing at present. Under any circumstances, the big growth rate of the population needs to be put under control.

On the occasion of World Population Day, the governments of all the countries on this planet should take special initiatives to improve the alarming situation. Here, the initiatives and programs of the government would not be enough as the participation of every citizen would also be 100% necessary. The government’s initiatives cannot succeed at any cost if people do not understand or follow them. Controlling the population is one thing that can leave a significant socio-economic impact on the world over.

What People Do Not Realize or Understand?

One can consider multiple reasons for the abnormal growth of the population. People live in societies that have strong social, economic, and religious impacts that influence people to give birth to as many children as they want. They often do not realize the growth of the population is a burden on the planet as it does not grow bigger accordingly to accommodate more space for every newborn. Not just that, the earth cannot produce more food all of a sudden to feed more people. Indeed, it creates a significant imbalance in nature.

The Nature Suffers!

It is true that many people do not realize or even are not ready to understand. The growth of population demands more space to accommodate people and more food to feed them. In both cases, nature suffers in the worst manner. People cut down trees and clear forests deliberately to find more space for building residences and create farms. They do this to sustain the increasing population. While cutting down trees, people do not care for anything. It is something that irreparably harms nature.

Do Humans Need to Reconsider Their Priorities?

Certainly, yes! Just reconsidering the priorities would not serve at all. Here, it becomes the responsibility of every human being on this planet to plan accordingly and implement the guidelines that the governments are trying to bring forth. Remember, the governments of the respective countries and the United Nations General Assembly are working unitedly to get the best results for all the initiatives they are planning. Everyone must admit, that the earth is our birthplace, and that is why it is a responsibility for everyone to make it a better place to live for us and for the generations to come.

So, what Necessary steps are needed to control the population? It is a million-dollar question that needs a clear answer. Have a look at the following things that people must do:

Social Measures That Can Very Effective:

  • Determine minimum age of marriage
  • Bettering the standard of the women
  • Increasing literacy rate
  • Overcoming socio-economic factors that necessitate childbirth
  • Adoption rather than childbirth

Economic Measures:

  • Providing employment opportunities
  • Development of agriculture and Industry
  • Urbanization
  • Improving the standard of living

Other/Additional Marriage:

  • Popularizing the idea of late marriage
  • Self-Control
  • Use of contraceptive measures
  • Family planning
  • Recreational activities
  • Employment to women
  • Publicity of various programs for lesser childbirth
  • Incentives to those who follow and implement population control methods

The Bottom Line

Without doubts or confusion of any kind, people must realize that excessive increase in population has nothing to be proud of. Instead, it is a burden not only for them but for everyone else who inhabits this green planet. Remember, every human being here shares the responsibility to follow the methods of family planning and do accordingly so that they can restrict the alarming growth rate of the population across the globe!

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