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India’s National Plastic Surgery Day Now Becomes World Plastic Surgery Day

Plastic Surgery

In a major development, the National Plastic Surgery Day of India gets global acceptance. It will be now celebrated as World Plastic Surgery Day every year on July 15. The same has been declared by the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) on Tuesday, the 13th Day of July 2021.

APSI had been trying this for quite some time now to make the concept of such a day to be accepted and acknowledged by global bodies. Recently, the presidents of the Plastic Surgery Associations of different countries in the world discussed on the concept. The discussion finally resulted in the acceptance of the proposal.

The decision to celebrate the day as World Plastic Surgery Day came after the APSI’s current president Rakesh Khazanchi insisted on the success of National Plastic Surgery Day in India at the World Council of Leaders. The body consists of the presidents of all national plastic surgery associations. The decision of celebrating the day was unanimous.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Instead of carrying on fantasies, you must know what plastic surgery actually is. It is a modern surgical process that can change a person’s appearance and ability to function. It is completed in two phases-namely Reconstruction and Cosmetic. The first phase corrects the defects on the face or any other part of the body. Plastic surgeons apply modern techniques to remove birth defects and mend them with suggested materials. The surgeons also aim at removing deformities or other scar marks caused by accidents, dog bites. Rebuilding the breasts of the woman is a very popular application of plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is effective if the person is not satisfied with the first phase of the process. The surgeons talk about the common treatment procedures called augmentation mammoplasty and reduction mammoplasty. These are very effective for larger and smaller breasts. Rhinoplasty is another popular cosmetic surgical process that surgeons use to reshaping the nose.

Is Plastic Surgery the Right Choice?

Plastic surgery is very effective in the repair of major defects or problems. Is it a perfect idea for teens or people in other age groups?

The expert plastic surgeons believe that this surgical process is unlikely to change the life of the beneficiaries. Certified plastic surgeons usually spend a lot of time coming up with the decision is often very productive for the beneficiaries. They are of the view that teens are sensitively developed enough to handle the surgical procedure.

The surgical procedure involved in plastic surgery is genuinely handled by skilled plastic surgeons who complete all the formalities to meet the actual objectives of the surgery. The recognition of the day as the World Plastic Surgery Day is sure to enhance its significance multiple times.

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