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Find Out Some Facts About Pilonidal Sinus Symptoms

Pilonidal Cyst Laser Treatment

Laser 360 Clinic– An overview of Pilonidal Sinus Symptoms, causes, and its treatment. The blog contains facts about pilonidal sinus and the best treatment through laser surgery.

Did you ever hear about Pilonidal Sinus? What is this disease all about? Do you know anything about pilonidal sinus symptoms or causes?

Few of you have heard of this disease. But not to worry, we will let you know about this disease in some detail. The pilonidal sinus is located at the tailbone which consists of hair and skin.

An abnormal skin growth or a cyst that occurs in the cleft at the top of the buttocks is known as a pilonidal sinus. So, what are the pilonidal sinus causes and symptoms?

Study further and understand more about pilonidal sinus.

Pilonidal Sinus Showing Symptoms

Pilonidal Sinus Symptoms are an alarm to right away consult a specialist. The painful disease shows some signs at its initial stage. Let us see what are the symptom of this disease.

  • Pain while standing and sitting
  • Swelling in the cyst
  • Redness around the area
  • Sore skin around the tailbone
  • Draining of pus and blood from the abscess
  • A foul odor from the pus
  • Hairs protruding from the lesion

What do you think causes Pilonidal Sinus? Let us take a look at the pilonidal sinus causes.

Reasons for Occurrence of Pilonidal Sinus

Every disease comes out with a cause behind it. The pilonidal sinus causes are not very clear. But let us assume the problems that may cause this disease to occur.

  • The pressure, a skin problem, or friction may cause hair on the tailbone to be pushed inwards.
  • Men have hairs between the buttocks or a tailbone area. So, this becomes a common issue in men.
  • Longer sitting hours at work can increase the chances of having pilonidal sinus.
  • Rubbing the skin hard.
  • So, these causes need some precautions.
  • Don’t sit for long hours; take breaks in between your work.
  • Clean the buttock area at regular intervals, and try to keep it away from hairs.
  • Avoid wearing tight trousers, and jeans.
  • Keep yourself clean by taking regular showers, and using the best soaps or body wash.

Pilonidal Sinus Infection

The pilonidal cyst is located near the tailbone. It happens due to the puncture of hairs. The skin becomes infected resulting in an abscess with a foul odor.

Pilonidal Sinus Infection depends upon the size of the sinus, symptoms, and time of sinus. The pilonidal cyst antibiotics help in treating the abscess and draining it.

Although, in the present scenario, laser surgeries have emerged as the best treatment for Pilonidal Sinus. The painless treatments through laser surgery are curing most patients.

The laser treatment proves better than the pilonidal cyst antibiotics.

Want to know about Pilonidal Sinus laser surgery, and how it proves beneficial? Let us get through some astounding details about laser treatments.

Why Laser Treatments for Pilonidal Sinus?

Getting the best laser treatment helps sufferers get rid of their problems. Ensuring the reliable laser procedure always works the best. Laser treatment takes away the pilonidal sinus infection and never allows them back to the patient.

A simple process of using a laser beam to remove dirt, pus, and debris from the sinus tract. After the cleanup, the laser beam is used to destroy the tract using a radial fiber.

Opting for laser surgeries is never a bad decision. Patients are turning towards laser surgeries due to many reasons. Let us check a few reasons to have laser pilonidal sinus surgery.

  • A painless surgery that doesn’t have room for stitches, and wounds.
  • The bloodless methods with no use of surgical equipment
  • A brilliant success rate of Pilonidal Sinus Laser Surgery
  • No Diet restrictions for the patients

After knowing much about the disease, let us give you a description of Pilonidal Sinus Cancer. Have you a clue about it? No worries, read the end part, and get some information about the disease.

Pilonidal Sinus Cancer

Although the pilonidal sinus is less prone to cancer. But a patient can develop skin cancer in the affected area. In the case of chronic stage of the disease, or recurrence of abscess over years, the problem of skin cancer may arise.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that the pilonidal sinus is a troubling disease. Neglecting the pilonidal sinus symptoms may prove hazardous. Reach the top laser clinic and have perfect laser surgery for better healing.


Ques-1. How do you know if you have pilonidal sinus?

Ans- The Pilonidal Sinus shows specific symptoms that notify an individual of the occurrence of the disease. These symptoms include pain in the area, reddening of the skin, drainage of pus from the skin opening, and bad odor from the pus. These signs should never be ignored, and a fine specialist should be consulted ASAP.

Ques-2. What is the main cause of Pilonidal Sinus?

Ans- The exact cause of Pilonidal Sinus is not clear yet. But there are some believed reasons for the occurrence of this disease. The hair growth and the friction from clothes, or long working hours of sitting are some of the main causes of Pilonidal Sinus.

Ques-3. Is a Pilonidal Sinus serious?

Ans- Yes, whether it is Pilonidal Sinus or any other disease, all can become serious if taken for granted. In the case of Pilonidal Sinus, the probability of arising of skin cancer in the affected area may happen if not treated on time.

Ques-4. Can a Pilonidal Sinus heal on its own?

Ans- Pilonidal Sinus should get the consultancy of a physician. There are rare cases in which this disease has healed on its own. Laser surgery needs to be taken for getting rid of this issue. Neglecting the pain is not a good option.

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