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Know About the Reasons for Piles and How to Cure It?

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A painful disease with a lot of discomfort with annoying symptoms. With many reasons for piles, this disease is seizing most of the population. Do you know what piles are?

Hemorrhoids are another name for piles. These are the inflamed veins in the lower rectum or anus. The problem is going on for various years. Apart from age, or gender, this problem is capturing multiple people. The unbearable pain of hemorrhoids is due to many factors.

Today, in this blog, we will discuss the reason for piles, laser treatment of piles, and many other factors that are important for you to know about the disease.

The Reason for Piles Disease

The causes or reasons for piles are responsible for this disease. Let us know about the reasons for piles disease and beware of the issues. The problem behind a problem always makes you aware of the truth.

The main cause of this disease is the stretching of the anus making the veins swell. Now, come and explore what makes this happen?

  • The increased pressure in the rectum due to straining during bowel movement is the prime reason for piles disease.
  • Spending longer hours in the toilet than usual causes piles.
  • Very frequent anal intercourse is not healthy for the anus and it may become the reason for piles.
  • Obesity issues, gaining weight, is the cause of hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy leads to hemorrhoids, mostly after childbirth the piles may occur. The pressure on the anus at the time of childbirth is high. So, this is the common reason for piles.
  • A prolonged constipation is the major reason for piles disease.
  • Individuals having a low-fiber diet may be easily attacked by hemorrhoids.

Piles Have Their Types

After letting aware of the reasons for piles, let us move to an interesting point. Do you know that there are three types of Piles? Yes, it is. Want to know about it? So, let’s continue with the pace and have great learning ahead.

Internal Hemorrhoids

As the name suggests, internal hemorrhoids cannot be seen as they are inside the rectum. The level of discomfort is quite lesser in these types of hemorrhoids.

But this is not a factor of negligence. Even in this case, straining during a bowel movement can be a problem. It can cause pain, bleeding while passing stool, and irritation.

External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids lie around the anus skin. These can cause deadly pain and itching accompanied by swelling around the anus. Bleeding happens during this condition with a higher level of discomfort.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids occur due to the pooling of blood into external hemorrhoids. The formation of a clot or thrombus makes it a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

This type of hemorrhoid causes severe pain, swelling, and hard lumps around the anus.

Consulting a doctor is quite a necessary task to do in any of the above conditions of piles.

Four Grades of Hemorrhoids

After going through various types of hemorrhoids, knowing about grades is equally important. Four grades define the disease of piles. The level of severity is measured through the grading system of hemorrhoids or piles. So, let us have a brief description of the same below.

Grade-1– hemorrhoids develop inside the anal canal but do not prolapse out of it.

Grade-2– hemorrhoids are the internal ones. This grade of piles does not prolapse out of the anus.

Grade-3– This grade of hemorrhoids increases while straining during bowel movements but returns to its position when done manually.

Grade-4– The Grade 5 hemorrhoids are chronic and they remain out of the rectum.

Some Reasons for Piles in Females

As we all know, the pile is a non-biased disease. The males, and females both are equal in this problem. So, just as men, women also get into this sort of trouble. Let us know the reason for piles in females.

Women get into this disease due to many reasons for piles in females.

  • Pregnancy is the biggest cause of piles in women. Excessive pressure on the anus during childbirth causes severe stretch. This increases the chances of piles in women.
  • Anal sex is another issue that should be avoided for preventing piles.
  • Diarrhea or constipation at chronic levels can be a reason for piles in females.

Reason for Piles in Males

Reasons for piles in males and females are almost similar except for some differences. So, let us check a few of them here.

  • Sitting for long hours in the washrooms using their phones
  • Weight lifting regularly
  • Low-fiber food in the diet
  • Longer sitting jobs

The Problem of Piles Can be Treated

Nowadays, with advanced technology, the problem of piles has been diminishing at a faster pace. Laser surgeries have brought a boom in the medical world. Perfect treatment of piles through a laser beam is curing the maximum population.

The laser treatment for piles is less complicated and contains a simple process. Let us go through it.

A laser beam of light is put on the pile of tissues by the specialists. This helps in shrinking the tissues and letting them fall off. This simple process is non-surgical and heals faster than the traditional methods.

Patients are inclining toward this technology and feeling less scared due to the minimal or no use of surgical equipment in the process. This makes the patients heal faster without any blood and pain in the procedures.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that the laser surgery of piles has treated many sufferers. It is still bringing satisfaction to the face of the patients healing quickly with this disease.


What is the main cause of Piles?

The causes of piles are very common and are experienced by most individuals these days. The main reasons for piles include lifting heavy weights on regular basis, consuming a low-fiber diet, pregnancy, unhealthy anal intercourse, chronic constipation, diarrhea, sitting for long hours on the toilet, etc. If you want to get rid of piles or hemorrhoids, you should get it treated at the very first stage of arising symptoms.

What food Causes Piles?

As we all know, the major cause of piles disease is constipation. The disease is so painful while bowel movements that it requires a normal stool to be passed. So, this is clear from this, that eating spicy food, deep fried, dairy products, high salted foods, unripe fruits, alcohol, refined grains, and products containing flour is quite unhealthy for piles. This can make your digestive system not work properly and cause constipation which leads to piles.

How can I stop my Piles?

Piles or hemorrhoids are swelling of veins in the lower rectum. It is quite painful. Piles could be stopped using high-fiber foods, avoid sitting on the toilet for longer times, and so on. The appropriate option for getting rid of piles forever is the laser treatment. Laser surgeries have tremendously increased at a higher pace and are appreciated by most piles sufferers. This is a minimally invasive treatment at an affordable cost. Laser surgery provides great healing at a faster pace without any blood and pain in the process.

Which food avoids in Piles?

Piles are a painful disease that is quite discomforting. Constipation being the main reason for piles should be controlled first. Eating heavy snacks, deep-fried food, fatty foods, packaged and processed foods, the use of unripe fruits, and a lesser fiber diet, all lead to constipation issues. With this, you have to strain during bowel movements. The stretching of the anus will take you to the painful motions, hence the occurrence of the problem of piles.

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