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Know about Pilonidal Sinus Reason and Its Treatment

Laser Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus

Do you have a clue about Pilonidal Sinus? What is the pilonidal sinus reason? How it is treated by laser treatment? There arise many questions when it comes to disease.

But there is nothing to worry about. We are here to provide all the answers to your questions. Let us study some important points about pilonidal sinus through this blog.

So, let us start and get detailed knowledge about every aspect of this problem.

Something about Pilonidal Sinus Symptoms

A small hole in the skin that includes pus or fluid is known as a Pilonidal Sinus. The fluid causes the formation of abscesses or cysts. Pilonidal sinus occurs in the cleft of the top of the buttocks.

The pain in the pilonidal sinus is quite severe. Do you know that the pilonidal cyst early stage starts when the hair punctures the skin? Yes, at the pilonidal cyst early stage the hair is embedded after puncturing the skin.

The pilonidal cyst mostly contains dirt, debris, and hairs. Now, let us move to the pilonidal sinus symptoms.

Pilonidal Sinus Symptoms

This disease shows some symptoms that need to be consulted with a doctor. After noticing the signs of infection, one must consult an expert Proctologist. This is necessary to avoid any worsened conditions afterward.

  • The prime pilonidal sinus symptoms include a small depression on the skin’s surface. The depression becomes infected and develops into a cyst. So, this should be considered quite seriously.
  • Pain is another sign, that persists for long while standing as well as sitting.
  • Cyst getting swelled
  • Redness and soreness around the skin
  • Protruding of hairs from the lesion
  • When one sinus or more sinus tracts are formed
  • Pus draining from the abscess
  • A low-grade fever is also a rare symptom

After getting aware of the signs, let us know about some Pilonidal Sinus Causes.

Pilonidal Sinus Causes

Reasons for the occurrence of the disease are quite important to be understood. This helps in avoiding the things before hand to reduce the chances of occurrence of this issue in the body.

  • A skin problem of any kind might be a Pilonidal Sinus cause
  • Pressure or friction pushes the hair between the buttocks
  • Sitting for longer hours
  • Higher hair growth around the region, mostly in men

We have let you learn about the pilonidal symptoms and causes. So, what do you think about how it’s treated?

Nowadays, there is a possibility of pilonidal sinus treatment without surgery. Yes, laser surgery has emerged as a perfect solution to get rid of pain and blood at the time of surgery.

The laser beam used to cure the pilonidal sinus works the best for the sufferers. Without any wounds and stitches, the laser process is quite simple but effective.

So, the simple process of the best pilonidal sinus treatment without surgery includes a cleanliness regime of the affected area. After the process of cleaning, the laser beam is used to pass into the sinus.

This allows the destruction of the tract using a radial laser fiber, and not using any surgical weapon at the time of surgery.

Laser technology has extraordinarily transformed the medical industry. This helps in healing the patients in an effective way and better than traditional methods.

The laser treatments do not require any surgical equipment. This makes the patients less scary as compared to the traditional methods. No pain and blood in the process prove miraculous for the patients.

So, pilonidal sinus is quite easy to be cured and healed faster with pilonidal sinus treatment without surgery.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that the pilonidal sinus is properly treated with laser surgery. The perfect way of treatment includes surgery without pain, blood, and surgical equipment. So, laser technology has to be taken into consideration.


Ques-1. Is it normal to have pilonidal sinus?

Ans- Nowadays, the pilonidal sinus has become a common disease mostly in men. The reason is that men tend to have more hairs on the tailbone. It is normal to have pilonidal sinus these days due to long sitting hours at work. In the USA, every year around 7000 cases are reported that belong to the pilonidal sinus. So, it is quite a normal disease.

Ques-2. Does pilonidal sinus go away?

Ans- Yes, nowadays, in the age of laser technology, every disease has a cure and so is the pilonidal sinus. Laser surgery allows the pilonidal sinus to be detached from the roots of the body. Without any pain and blood, this has become a fantastic procedure to let pilonidal sinus go away.

Ques-3. How do you stop the pilonidal sinus from growing?

Ans- Some points should be taken care of to stop the pilonidal sinus from growing. The points include a proper cleanup of the buttocks regularly, reducing weight, avoiding sitting for long hours, and shaving the hairs around the area.

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