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Something You Should Know About Recurrent Anal Fissures

Laser 360 Clinic– This is a phenomenal clinic that treats a variety of chronic diseases including recurrent anal fissures by specialists who have had expertise for years in this domain.

What do you know about an anal fissure? How does this disease become a recurrent anal fissure? What are the signs and causes of this painful disease?

An understanding of anal fissures is quite important these days. This is a problem that is capturing a lot of individuals despite what age they are in.

The painful issues of the anal fissures should be treated at the earliest. This helps in preventing any crucial problems to happen shortly. Let us study some of the important details about this disease.

This article will help you understand the issues of recurrent anal fissures, and other information about anal fissures as well. So, keep reading this blog till the end and get some authentic details about the disease.

Anal Fissures Causes

As we all know that anal fissure is a small tear present in the lines of the anus. This is present in the thin, moist tissue known as mucosa that lines the anus.

So, do you want to know about anal fissure causes? Let us check the reasons for the occurrence of this disease.

  • Constipation is the main anal fissure cause. Constipation persisting for a long time is quite harmful and may become a reason for anal fissures.
  • Straining during bowel movements, and use of the phone in the toilet becomes the anal fissure cause.
  • Frequently having anal intercourse proves problematic for women by increasing the chances of occurrence of anal fissure.
  • Childbirth leads to stretching of the anus vigorously hence an increase in the chances of suffering from anal fissure.
  • Passing of hard stools, and straining during the process of defecation.

After understanding the top anal fissure causes, let us move to the signs of this problem.

Signs that Work Like a Fire Alarm for Fissures

There are many symptoms of anal fissures that should never be ignored. Explore some of the common signs of anal fissures here,

  • Throbbing pain during defecation
  • Pain persisting for longer hours after bowel movements
  • A visible crack in the anus skin is the prime symptom of the anal fissure
  • A tag or a small lump around the region of the anal skin
  • Blood arising from the anal area after bowel movements

Nowadays, with the arrival of laser treatment for Fissure, the stages of fissure healing have been reduced.

A perfect treatment by the professionals by using a laser beam rather than surgical equipment has helped the patients in getting signs a fissure is healing quite early.

By the way of traditional methods of surgery, stages of fissure healing were more. This used to take time in reaching to get the signs a fissure is healing.

The laser has offered the best and most convenient process of surgery for patients who are used to scare the traditional method of treatment.

A no-pain and blood solutions are phenomenal for sufferers. Incisions made in the process requires laser beam rather than terrifying surgical tools.

Now, let us know, what is chronic anal fissure treatment. How does recurrent anal fissure occur? All questions will be answered shortly, just don’t miss a single line and continue reading the blog.

The anal fissures are usually healed within a few weeks. But when the anal fissures don’t heal even after four to six weeks, they are termed chronic fissures.

The reason for the non-healing of anal fissure is that the sphincter muscle goes tense resulting in reducing the blood flow to the lining of the anus. Without getting enough oxygen, the cells that make up the lining are unable to grow and repair.

But now, chronic anal fissure treatment is not an issue. Laser surgery has immensely emerged as a guardian angel for healing the fissure at a faster speed. There are no complications in the process, and this is proved to be the best treatment without any pain and bloodshed.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that laser surgeries have created a smoother path for the patients to get cured of the discomforting disease of anal fissures. So, opting for the best clinic for getting rid of your chronic anal fissure is always a better decision.


Ques-1. Why does my anal fissure keep recurring?

Ans- Anal fissures can recur quite easily even after the surgery. This can happen after a hard passing of stool or an injury. For avoiding this, you should keep your diet full of fiber, drink an adequate amount of water, avoid using phones on the toilet, and use the guidelines prescribed by the specialists after the surgery.

Ques-2. How do you treat recurrent anal fissures?

Ans- Laser is the best treatment for getting rid of treating recurrent anal fissures. This is a safe method of surgery with the non-complicated techniques used by the professionals without any blood and pain.

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