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Wearing A Face Mask – Do’s And Don’ts

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The fight against COVID-19 Pandemic is on and the whole world is contributing to the fight. Actually, it is a fight against a virus that you cannot see at all. The risk factors of getting infected increase a thousand times just because you never know if you have got infected or not until you start showing some symptoms. It is, therefore, the doctors, scientists, and microbiologists suggest everyone to observe the right precautionary measures that can protect them from infections.

Amid all possible precautionary measures, wearing the mask has been the most critical one. Though it is not the only measure that can keep you safe against all threats of getting infected, it is certainly a big factor that needs to be taken care of.

Things You Must Do While Using a Mask:

  • Use the best mask in the market.
  • Avoid using a mask that contains an inhalation valve
  • Clean the hands well before touching the mask you want to put on.
  • It is safe to hold the mask by the latches or the strings that you use to tie it.
  • Make sure that the mask covers the mouth and the nose very effectively.
  • In the present context, the experts suggest wearing a double mask to keep the virus at bay.
  • Dispose of the mask if you are using a clinical mask. Avoid using it twice.
  • Wash other masks using the disinfectant and antiseptic lotion.

Things One Must Avoid Doing While Using a Mask:

  • One must not touch the main part of the mask as it may infect the mask and make it unfit for use.
  • Do not wear the mask under your nose or the mouth. It would not serve the purpose.
  • Don’t cross the straps or the latches.
  • Place the mask on the face correctly. It is once with clean hands. Avoid touching the same again. Keeping a good-quality hand sanitizer in the pocket should be a good practice.
  • Do not use a clinical mask more than once. Dispose it of correctly in a closed dustbin or in a closed packet.
  • Keeping the mask in the throat or on the forehead is a wrong practices. Do not do it ever.

Why Should One Avoid Using a Mask With An Inhalation Valve?

Though the masks with an inhalation valve got enormous popularity in the beginning, they are no longer dependable. It has a scientific reason. Such masks can save you from the virus but they may cause serious risks for those whom you may talk to face to face. Such masks cannot restrict faulty breath from coming out from your mouth. While you exhale from your nose or mouth, it can reach the person in front of you rather easily.

Fighting Other Diseases in the Body is Also Important:

Though wearing masks and handling them properly is important, getting rid of the diseases in the body is equally important for you. These diseases would work as comorbid factors and they can be fatal occasionally as well. Treating varicose veins is easy these days. You can get in touch with the laser clinic near me in Delhi for the best and the most effective varicose veins laser treatment. Your search for the best clinic for laser surgery in Delhi can certainly take you to the experts at Laser360Clinic.

Some Major Reasons for Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins May Include the Following:

  • Laser surgery is minimally invasive and requires a lesser hospital stay.
  • It has a lesser risk of infection.
  • Faster recovery times ease the recovery process.
  • No repeated visits to the clinic.

Talk to the experts at the clinic as soon as possible for adding more to your physical strength so that you stand bold against the diseases, especially the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laser Treatment in Delhi

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