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FAQs On COVID-19 Vaccination – All You Need to Know!

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COVID-19 has created havoc all around the world. It has caused massive destruction and the loss of human lives is impossible to recover. The pandemic started by the end of 2019, and it spread all over the world so fast that the impact was seen all over the world by March 2020. More than 130 countries have suffered the blow. These countries include superpowers like the USA, Britain, France, Italy, and China. The impact on developing countries is even worse. Till now, two or three waves of the pandemic have hit the world causing death to more than 3.3 million people. The ongoing condition in many countries has been terrific.

Here, the leading clinical laboratories have worked extremely hard to come up with vaccines. Though not vaccines are 100% safe and guaranteed, some of the vaccines have really proved their worth with more than 70-80% success records. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended a few vaccines that the governments in various countries have accepted. The process of vaccination is continuing all over. India is not an exception. Here, knowing about the vaccines and the process of vaccination is important.

The following FAQs about COVID-19 Vaccination can help you a lot!

Q1: What vaccines are approved for vaccination in India?
Answer: At present, the government of India has approved and recommended two different vaccines, namely Covaccine and Covishield.

Q2: How does the COVID-19 Vaccine work?
Answer: Actually, the COVID-19 vaccine works very scientifically. First, it creates antibodies that can fight the disease or the germs that cause the disease. The antibody boosts the immunity in the body that can stop the germs from multiplying after they enter the body through any source. The end result is good for the human body as it stays protected from germs and diseases.

Q3: How many doses should a person get?
Answer: The WHO recommends two doses of the vaccine for everyone. Here, it is important that a person gets two doses of the same vaccine.

Q4: Where can I get the vaccines?
Answer: The government has decided to continue the vaccination process. At present, the vaccines are available at the government hospitals, health centers, and private clinics, and nursing homes that the government has listed. These centers are termed as COVID Vaccine Centers (CVCs).

Q5: How can I register myself for the vaccine?
Answer: You should do it online using the Co-WIN portal. You can also do it using the Arogya Setu app on your Android or iOS mobile handsets. While doing it you should keep your Aadhar Card with you as the portal would crosscheck the status using your unique Aadhar number. You just need to complete the registration process by filling up the mandatory fields.

Q6: What should I do if I cannot register online?
Answer: In that case, you should seek help and advice from a health worker. He can complete all the necessary formalities that are needed for completing the registration process. Here, you must carry your Aadhar Card while you visit the nearest health center.

Q7: What is meant by EUA? What role does it play for the COVID-19 vaccination process?
Answer: EUA stands for Emergency Use Authorization. It is a mechanism that allows a vaccine or medicine to treat COVID-19. The mechanism checks and then crosschecks all the factors, including risk factors, possibilities of side effects, and success ratio. It allows the use only if it finds things good and satisfactory. Otherwise, it rejects the medicines.

Q8: Who are supposed to be the immediate beneficiaries of the vaccination process?
Answer: The government has decided on time-bound phases for the effective use of the vaccine. In the first phase, the government provided health workers, doctors, and everyone related to the medical profession. In the second phase, the government picked up the people above 60 years of age for vaccination. At present, the third phase is continuing that is taking care of the people in the age group between 45 years and 59 years. After the completion of this phase, the people belonging to the age group of 18 years and above to 44 years.

Q9: Why does the government have not taken the children for vaccination?
Answer: Well, COVID-19 is very fatal as it affects people in all age groups. Still, elderly people are more at risk because of their comorbid factors. People, with growing age, suffer from various diseases, like diabetes, that are fatal and cause serious complications to COVID patients.

Q10: What is the recommended duration between two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine?
Answer: As per the sources, a duration of 6-8 weeks is recommended between the two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. A person may complete the process of the vaccination in around 2 months’ time.

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