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Understanding the Trouble of Living with a Fistula

Most of us know about the disease fistula. Living with a fistula is quite problematic. A fistula can develop in any part of the body.

Most of the time, a fistula arises in the bowel or intestine. It connects two parts of the body through an abnormal channel.

Inflammatory bowel disease is the main cause of fistula.

With the development of new treatments for fistula, many people are satisfied. Laser surgery has brought transformation in treating fistula quite easily.

Living with a fistula is never a good option. consulting a proctologist is highly important when a primary symptom arises.

So, what are the symptoms of a fistula? There are many types of fistulas with different symptoms.

Let us know the symptoms depending upon the location of the fistula.

Anal Fistula

A lump in the anal region accompanied Tender swelling, pain, and irritation.
Been occurring while having a bowel movement, while sitting, moving around, or coughing.

Vaginal fistula

The symptom of vaginal fistula includes the passing of wind through the vagina accompanied by feces or pus.

A mild to throbbing pain depending upon the severity of the disease.

Bladder fistula

The symptoms of the bladder consist of the bus in the urine, leakage of urine from the back passage followed by passing of air.

Frequent orders of passing urine are also included in the symptoms.

Do you know about fistula cancer symptoms?

Fistula is a disease that needs to be treated immediately. Due to negligence in the treatment, this disease can turn into cancer.

Fistula cancer symptoms include bleeding pain, fever, irritation in the region of the anus, fatigue, and so on.

Living with fistula for years makes it chronic.

Now let us check, how to cure fistula permanently at home.

Numerous home remedy options are available to provide you with some healing with fistula.
Home remedies are never taken for granted. Although consulting a specialist is a must.

But going for some home cures helps in healing fistula at a better pace.

Having fiber-rich food

High fiber food is always the best for preventing Constipation.

Constipation sometimes recurs the symptoms. So, having fiber-rich foods helps in clearing the colon and curing Constipation issues.

Hydration is a must

Drinking plenty of water is the best healer of fistula.

Alcohol and caffeine are not included in fluids. the carbonated beverages dehydrate the body.

Having cabbage juice, turmeric milk, ginger tea, orange juice, and so on works rightly.

Sitz Bath

The irritation, inflammation, swelling, and pain are easily healed with the help of a sitz bath.

Soaking the anal region in plain warm water three to four times a day is great.

Use stool softeners

There comes many stool softeners and laxatives to avoid constipation and pain while bowel movements.

It makes the stool softer and avoids pain and bleeding while passing stool.

Start using a pillow

A doughnut pillow is suitable for patients with fistula.

Avoiding pressure in the anal region and relieving the pain while sitting is possible by using a pillow.

Home remedies are a perfect cure for fistula. But consulting a doctor is recommended. Living with a fistula without surgery might worsen the situation. So, after the recommendation of a doctor, surgery helps in curing the disease from the roots.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that fistula should be treated on an immediate basis. Ignoring the symptoms Might make it problematic for the patient. So, consulting a proctologist accompanied by home remedies is the best way of getting rid of a fistula.

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Ques-1. Can you live with a fistula?

Answer- No, we cannot live with this fistula. This is a troublesome disease and requires consulting a proctologist at the time of occurrence of symptoms.

Ques-2. What will happen if the fistula is left untreated?

Answer- If the fistula is left untreated Then it can lead to fistula cancer. So, leaving it untreated is a bad idea.

Ques-3. Can you heal a fistula without surgery?

Answer- Although surgery is important if recommended by a doctor. but there are options to heal a fistula without surgery. Having some home remedies helps in healing a fistula in a better way. The home remedies include sitz baths, drinking plenty of water, eating a high-fiber diet, using laxatives and stool softeners, etc.

Ques-4. Does having a fistula make you tired?

Answer- Yes, fatigue is a common symptom of fistula. The patient feels tired while having a fistula.


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