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Laser Piles Surgery Detracts Each Sign of Piles

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Having discomfort while sitting? Did you get bloody stool? The medical world has transformed and brought the best laser piles surgery.

Modern eye surgery is known as laser surgery. This is the easiest way to remove piles from the roots.

With laser treatments, pile surgery recovery time is the least. This is one of the most convenient surgeries for patients.

Let us dive deep into pile surgery and get a worthy understanding of the topic.

Piles and Causes and Symptoms

The swollen veins in the anus are quite painful and are also known as hemorrhoids. Piles or hemorrhoids can develop easily inside the rectum, or under the skin around the anus.

There are some signs of piles you should know about,

  • Visible Blood on the toilet paper after passing of stool
  • Anus Lumps
  • Pain surrounding the anus
  • Feeling mucus in your underwear
  • Itching in and around the anus

Causes of Piles

The piles are caused by the below reasons, please have a look to understand.

  • Constipation and prolonged diarrhea
  • Straining and sitting for long hours in the toilet
  • Obesity, or being overweight
  • Eating a low-fiber diet
  • Pregnancy can also cause hemorrhoids
  • Anal Intercourse can be a cause of piles in women
  • Heavy lifting of objects is another cause of hemorrhoids

Know about Piles Surgery Types

Before laser surgeries, conventional methods were used to treat hemorrhoids.
Although, some home remedies help in healing the piles. But at some stage piles needs surgery.

When do Piles need Surgery?

Piles consist of four grades. When grade reaches three and four grade, Piles surgery is required.

There are many surgeries performed in earlier times. Let us explore some surgeries including laser surgery of piles.


The surgery performed to remove hemorrhoids is called hemorrhoidectomy.

In this process, the doctor performs small incisions around the anus.

Local anesthesia is involved in this process. This is a conventional method and can be painful afterward.

Stapled hemorrhoidectomy

This procedure is also known as the procedure for prolapsed and hemorrhoids.
A stapler-like device is used to position the hemorrhoids. This allows them to stop their blood supply.

The tissues of hemorrhoids shrink and die without blood. This procedure recovers the patient faster with less bleeding and itching.

Hemorrhoids Artery Litigation and Recto Anal Repair

HAL-RAR Includes a miniature Doppler sensor. The sensor is inserted to check for the arteries supplying blood to hemorrhoids.

In this procedure these are trees are tired of cutting the blood supply off.

This prison effective procedure helps him reduce hemorrhoids at a faster pace.

Piles Laser Surgery

The most effective and painless method is laser surgery. This method involves a laser beam.

The laser beam is focused on the piles of tissues and makes them shrink. With a continuous focus of the narrow beam on the tissue of the file, it makes them fall off.

This heals the person very effectively. This process is fully bloodless and does not require any terrifying surgical equipment.

The laser treatments are minimally invasive. No cuts and incisions are required in this process.

There is no fear of getting scars after the treatment. Many people are scared about life after hemorrhoid surgery. In this case, patients live a great life after this treatment.

There is no risk of death after the laser surgery. The laser surgery is safe and without any side effects.

Laser surgeries have transformed the medical industry positively.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that Piles are now treated very easily and effectively with the help of laser treatment. A simple procedure of laser has removed the fear of every patient suffering from piles. The cost-friendly procedures accompanied by painless methods are miraculous for the sufferers of piles. So, go for a perfect treatment with a professional laser clinic.

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Question- 1. How painful is piled surgery?

Answer- Conventional methods of pile surgery have been quite painful. This was due to the use of surgical equipment. But now laser surgery has made it easier and painless for patients with piles.

Question- 2. What stage of piles requires surgery?

Answer-The third and fourth stages of piles require surgery.

Question- 3. is the surgery a major surgery?

Answer-There are no complications in the pile surgery with a laser. So now it’s not considered major surgery.

Question- 4. how many days rest after piles surgery?

Answer-With laser surgery of piles, the patient gets an early discharge within 48 hours of surgery. This is a quick recovery and healing process which can make you resume your work after the surgery.


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