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Treatment of Fissure at the Earliest is Important

Fissure Surgery

You must have heard about a disease called fissures. Although it is set to be a small tear in the lining of the anus, this minor tear is highly painful. Treatment of fissure is very important.

Bleeding and pain during bowel movements happen during anal fissures.

The disease is quite discomforting and occurs due to many reasons.

We will find out some important causes, and symptoms, and how to cure fissures permanently.

Signs and Causes of Fissure

There are some signs of fissures that work like an alarm. So, one should never neglect the symptoms of the disease.

Let us check a few of the signs of anal fissure in the given blog,

  • The primary symptom is fissure pain unbearable. The throbbing pain during bowel movements is a sign of anal fissure.
  • A crack in the anal skin that is properly visible.
  • Skin tag or small lump near the skin of the anus.
  • Bleeding while passing the stool.

Causes of anal fissures

The primary cause of anal fissures is damage to the lining of the anal canal.
Constipation is the next best cause of anal fissures. Individuals with persistent diarrhea also become the sufferers of anal fissures.

How to cure fissures permanently?

Fissures must be treated by a proctologist. But there are fissure treatments without surgery.

Consulting a doctor and getting a recommendation about surgery is important.
But some home remedies may help in healing anal fissures quite soon.

Fissure treatment without surgery could be possible at an early stage of this disease. Let us explore some of the home remedies that are helpful in healing fissures.

Dietary Fiber

Anal fissures cause pain while passing the stool. Using a high-fiber diet is the best thing to do.

Having wheat bran flakes, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, cowpeas, etc. helps on improving the constipation problem.

Passing of stool is easy in this case. This will in turn help in having less pain while bowel movements.

Irritation levels will be a bit low with the use of a rich fiber diet.

Drink more water

Anal fissures are caused by dehydration that can contribute to Constipation issues.
To avoid Constipation, add more fluids in a day. This will help in keeping your stool soft and allow them earlier to pass.

Using plenty of water is a perfect home remedy. This should be kept in mind that alcohol and other core carbonated beverages are not included in fluids.

This can lead to less hydration that in turn increases Constipation troubles hence, pain and irritation while passing stool.

Bowel softeners

The stool softeners are available in the form of capsules, tablets, as well as liquid.
These are different from laxatives. Stool softeners can be used to get rid of Constipation.

Anal fissures can be healed properly with the help of these softeners.

Accompanied by home remedies, laser treatment is the best for healing anal fissures.

A question always arises in mind how to heal a fissure fast?

Laser surgery is the answer to this question. The home remedies can be continued after the surgery.

This helps in curing the anal fissure at a faster pace.

Laser surgery is said to be the best treatment for fissures. The reason behind it is that after the completion of this surgery, a patient can easily watch the signs a fissure is healing.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that the anal fissure is now no more scary disease to stay with. Getting laser surgery and performing some home remedies is quite beneficial for the patients. This can make them cure and heal quite quickly.

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Question- 1. What is the fastest way to heal fissures?

Answer-Laser surgery is the fastest way to heal a fissure. The painless and bloodless treatment of laser surgery is minimally invasive and free from cuts and wounds.

Question- 2. Which treatment is good for fissures?

Answer- laser treatment is good for anal fissures. The process is quite comfortable and affordable for the patient. It doesn’t require a lot of days in the hospital. The success rate of this treatment is higher than the death rate.

Question- 3. Is fissure treatable without surgery?

Answer – We can’t say that anal fissures are treatable without surgery fully. But some home remedies are helpful in healing fissures quickly. Size baths, drinking plenty of water, and using stool softeners, are some of the best methods to be used for curious fissures easily.

Question-4. How long will the fissure take to heal?

Answer-Anal fissure takes around two to four weeks to heal fully.


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