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Let’s Take a Pledge to Keep Us Healthy on International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

People all around the world celebrate many special days and events every year. These days are significant as they leave some impact on the lives of people from all around the world or people living in some specific part of the world. Those days are observed for some special reasons as well. For example, the International Yoga Day is an Indian initiative to make people know and be aware of the benefits of yoga practices. Traditionally, yoga and yogic lifestyle are indispensable parts of the Indian tradition and culture and that is why it is the responsibility of India to spread the message of these things all across the globe.

The initiative of making Yoga popular all over the world was taken by Mr. Narednra Modi, the Prime Minister of India in 2015 when he organized the first International Yoga Day for the first time. So, we are celebrating the 7th International Yoga Day today. So, it is a great day for the people in India and also in other parts of the world where the message is being served. It is not like any other day that people celebrate internationally. Rather, it is a day that carries more significance even in the modern context when the world is facing a pandemic caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

So, What Actually Yoga Is?

It is a huge question that needs a clear vision. The term ‘Yoga’ is derived from the word ‘YOG’ that stands for the unification of human existence with Nature, the supreme creator of the world and its endless components. It is a minute process that people can do by leaving the outer world and living in the inner world that consists of the human mind and soul. To do this unification, people need to keep themselves cool and calm that they can do it with extreme command on themselves. The Yoga Practices, including various kinds of Asanas, Mudras, and Pranayamas. To be very realistic, these yogic practices can control the mind and bring you a mature thought process. It ultimately makes you and your mind and body disciplined.

Are the Yoga Practices Difficult?

Many saints and divine people believe that the human body is 100% pure when it comes to the earth. The person has a pure soul, a clear heart, and an impartial thought process. These are the most noticeable parts of a newborn. But, as he grows up, he develops some wrong things that create an imbalance in his lifestyle. Simultaneously, he continues to go away from nature and his bonding with the Nature gets disturbed. If you are serious about finding if yoga practices are difficult or not, then the answer is ‘No.’

The yoga practices are not difficult at all. But humans make them difficult by adopting some practices and faulty life practices. If humans are capable of keeping them pure and serene, then they can find these practices very easy for them. Apart from keeping the body healthy, the yogic practices help to build the inner strength of the body. They strengthen the body from within and keep them healthy and fit always. Today, you may find many people who practice various yoga practices to keep them healthy and fit. Many of these people are elderly people who have been successful in living a longer life.

How are Yoga Practices Helpful in Modern Lifestyle?

Today, we are living in the most difficult times when the world is hit badly by a pandemic caused by Coronavirus. Started in January 2020, the deadly virus has been causing severe damage to the human life still now in 2021. The experts believe that the impact will continue in the time to come as well. Apart from following the pandemic protocols and medicines, the doctors are suggesting to follow yogasanas and Pranayamas to build and maintain immunity levels in the body naturally.

It has been tested that various types of asanas and Pranayamas have been successful in building and strengthening the immunity level in the body that can prevent the COVID-19 virus from attacking the human body. As a result, the body can stay protected against the deadly virus that has killed more than 3 million people from all over the world. The disease caused by the virus has badly affected the countries like the USA, India, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, and the UK. The whole medical services globally have been under severe questions of failure and helplessness.

So, the significance of yoga and yogic practices is still relevant. These practices are very powerful as they can do wonders for you. Many people suffering from incurable diseases have been benefited from these practices. Remember, such incidents have happened when medical science has failed to cure those diseases. So, there is no way to denounce the significance of Yoga and yoga practices even today! Probably, this is the message the International Yoga Day spreads every year to the world and its people, no matter where they live!

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